2011 ISDE Finland Day 6 Results

August 13, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Start of the sixth and final day of racing at the 2011 ISDE competition in Finland.
Finland officially put a close to the 2011 ISDE competition after finishing first in the World Trophy division.

Finland officially conquered the 2011 International Six Days Enduro event Saturday. In the end the team led Spain by just more than 30 minutes in the World Trophy division, with U.S.A. claiming the final podium position in third roughly 54 minutes behind the leaders. The final day featured a 40km course comprised of two time checks and one last Special at the Karhula MX track. For the sixth day in a row Eero Remes of Finland dominated the E1 class, keeping his fellow countrymen Matti Seistola and Juha Salminen behind to win the day by just 27.32 seconds. In the E2 division KTM’s Kurt Caselli took top honors after winning the final test of the competition. Marko Tarkkala nabbed the victory in the E3 class, giving Finland another gold medal after finishing the day in third behind Ivan Cervantes and Valtteri Salonen.
In the Junior Trophy standings France posted the victory ahead of Sweden by just over 13 minutes. The U.S. captured fourth more than 46 minutes off the pace of the leaders, trailing Great Britain by seven minutes on the final day.
The Women’s Cup was also won by France, with Ludivine Puy, Blandine Dufrene and Charlotte Ljunglin dominating the division more than an hour ahead of Finland. Australia picked up third, and USA remained last after dropping out of the series on the second day.
In the Club division American Fred Hoess claimed sixth overall with Max Gerston also picking up a top-10 finish in the C2 standings. Meanwhile the Husaberg-Czech club team nabbed the top spot in its class, finishing just 4:51 ahead of Team West.
KTM took the overall Manufacturers Award at the 2011 ISDE, the Austrian marque being represented by top riders Remes, Caselli and Cristobal Guerrero.

2011 World Trophy Day 6 Results
1. Finland, 17:11:11.66
2. Spain, 17:41:54.43
3. U.S.A., 18:05:34.86
4. Sweden, 18:20:34.23
5. Netherlands, 18:33:29.28
6. Germany, 19:34:44.40
7. Chile, 20:19:23.32
8. Portugal, 22:31:09.59
9. Poland, 23:45:31.53
10. Great Britain, 24:27:45.38

2011 Junior Trophy Day 6 Results

2011 Women’s Cup Day 6 Results
1. France, 10:57:22.32
2. Finland, 12:09:48.28
3. Australia, 17:01:38.41
4. Sweden, 17:06:49.49
5. U.S.A., 24:00:00.00

1. France, 10:47:34.11
2. Sweden, 11:00:47.31
3. Great Britain, 11:05:16.50
4. U.S.A., 11:34:06.87
5. Australia, 11:41:28.41
6. Spain, 11:47:21.61
7. Italy, 11:47:37.24
8. Czech Republic, 11:59:29.24
9. Chile, 12:07:31.80
10. Germany, 12:21:56.87

*All times are cumulative

Video Courtesy of ISDETV

Finlands Eero Remes  right  and Juha Salminen  left  took the top-two spots in the E1 class at the conclusion of the 2011 ISDE.
Finland’s Eero Remes (right) and Juha Salminen (left) took the top-two spots in the E1 class at the conclusion of the 2011 ISDE.

2011 E1 Day 6 Results:
1. Eero Remes, FIN (KTM) 3:22:00.63
2. Juha Salminen, FIN (Husqvarna) 3:23:49.92
3. Lorenzo Santolino, ESP (KTM) 3:32:41.84
4. Antti Hellsten, FIN (KTM) 3:33:21.07
5. Matti Seistola, FIN (Husqvarna) 3:33:32.28
6. Mario Roman, ESP (KTM) 3:33:59.45
7. Luis Oliveira, PRT (Yamaha) 3:37:10.40
8. Paulo Felicia, PRT (Yamaha) 3:37:23.46
9. Martin Larsson, SWE (Husaberg) 3:37:50.68
10. Victor Guerrero, ESP (Yamaha) 3:38:49.02

2011 E2 Day 6 Results:
1. Kurt Caselli, USA (KTM) 3:25:44.67
2. Luis Correia, PRT (Yamaha) 3:28:12.83
3. Cristobal Guerrero, ESP (KTM) 3:29:30.31
4. Toby Price, AUS (KTM) 3:29:47.85
5. Matthew Phillips, AUS (Yamaha) 3:30:00.59
6. Jari Mattilia, FIN (KTM) 3:31:18.68
7. Russell Bobbitt, USA (KTM) 3:34:21.81

KTMs Kurt Caselli captured the victory for the U.S. in the E2 class ahead of Portugals Luis Correia.
KTM’s Kurt Caselli captured the victory for the U.S. in the E2 class ahead of Portugal’s Luis Correia.

8. Benoit Fortunato, FRA (Yamaha) 3:34:31.23
9. Mathias Bellino, FRA (Husaberg) 3:35:09.52
10. Hans Vogels, NLD (Husaberg) 3:35:17.81

2011 E3 Day 6 Results:
1. Marko Tarkkala, FIN (Husaberg) 3:25:23.78
2. Ivan Cervantes, ESP (Gas-Gas) 3:28:27.86
3. Valtteri Salonen, FIN (TM) 3:33:24.57
4. Jonny Walker, GBR (KTM) 3:38:57.02
5. Jonas Karlsson, SWE (KTM) 3:39:20.90
6. Karl Svensson, SWE (Husaberg) 3:39:54.50
7. Nathan Kanney, USA (KTM) 3:40:04.40
8. Mark Wassink, NLD (KTM) 3:40:14.02
9. Amel Advokaat, NLD (Husaberg) 3:43:29.44

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