2011 Surfercross in Photos

August 15, 2011
Justin Dawes
By Justin Dawes

Raised on two wheels in the deserts of Nevada, the newest addition to the MotoUSA crew has been part of the industry for well over 15 years.Equal parts writer, photographer, and rider, "JDawg" is a jack of all trades and even a master of some.

Dakotoa Tedder and Chava Greenlee took the overall win at the 13th Annual Surfercross.
Dakota Tedder and Chava Greelee took home the first place Fender Guitar trophies at the 13th Annual Surfercross. 

For the 13th year in a row, the motocross and surfing industries teamed up for a two day event that combines two of Southern California’ s best action sport exports at the always fun Surfercross. The brainchild of JGRMX’s Jeremy Albrecht and big wave surfer Mike “Snips” Parsons, the Sufercross teams up pro surfers with pro motocross racers randomly in two-man teams for bragging rights and some sweet Fender Guitar trophies. Day one consists of turning motos at Starwest Motocross Park, and day two is a full on surf contest at San Onofre State Beach. Both teammates have to compete in both disciplines, and the results can be surprising and sometimes comical.
This year Dakota Tedder and Kauai surfer Chava Greenlee took the overall win with a dominating motocross victory combined with a fifth place in the surf contest. Looks like Greenlee is a better Mxer than Tedder is a surfer. Second place went to Nathan Ramsey and Troy Eckert, and TLD’s Christian Craig and Scot Farnsworth took third. Surfing legend Sunny Garcia and off-roader Kendal Norman just missed out on a podium finish in fourth.
Look for an in-depth report coming soon from our test rider, Nick Thiel, who raced the Industry Class on our 2011 Yamaha YZ250 Project 2-Stroke.

TLDs Christian Craig gets ready for the motocross portion of the Surfercross. Craig finished 3rd with his surfing partner  Scott Farnsworth.
Christian Craig’s team ended up third overall at Surfercross.
FMFs Little D stays cool at the 2011 Surfercross.
FMF’s Little D wonders where is his umbrella girl?
Jeff Emig can still pull the holey! Fro has been a a regular at Surfercross for years. The event is put on by his former mechanic and JGRMX Team Manager Jeremy Albrecht.
Jeff Emig can still nail the holeshot!
The surfing portion of Surfercross is held at San Onofre State Beach the day after the motocross.
The surf portion of the event was held at San Onofre Beach.
There were some decent waves to be had at the second day of the Surfercross.
The waves were decent for the Surfercross.
Surfing legend Sunny Garcia never misses the Surfercoss. This year he just missed out on the podium.
Surfing legend Sunny Garcia just missed out on third place.

It wouldnt Surfercross without babes on the beach.
It just isn’t Surfercross without the babes on the beach.
Fender Guitars kicked down some sweet trophies for the Surfercross.
Fender Guitars supplied some bitchin’ trophies.

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