2011 Ulster Grand Prix Results

August 15, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Michael Dunlop gets ready for the North West 200 with a victory each aboard his Kawasaki superbike and Yamaha supersport - Tandragee 100
Michael Dunlop posted three wins this year at the 2011 Ulster Grand Prix in Supersport and Superstock.

Street Sweep Kawasaki’s Michael Dunlop posted three wins at the 2011 Ulster Grand Prix over the weekend. The Irishman claimed victories in both Supersport races and the Superstock clash, while New Zealand’s Bruce Anstey and Englishman Guy Martin both shared victories in the Superbike events. KBMG Racing Honda’s Keith Amor was present on the podium after picking up second and third in Superbike. Meanwhile 2011 Isle of Man TT standout, Gary Johnson, also managed to land on the podium after finishing third in Superstock.

After a brief red flag due to weather, the first Superbike race got underway with a tense battle between Martin and Amor. The duo went at it over the next five laps, with Martin eventually reaching the finish line first ahead of Amor. The ultimate win, however, was bestowed on Anstey, who posted the best time more than 4.8 seconds ahead of Martin. Amor was left with third in the race, the Scottish rider putting on a great show to finish less than two-tenths behind Martin.
“Race one was great,” said Amor. “I led on and off on the road but I knew that if Bruce got a clear run he’d be hard to beat because he was starting from the second wave with nobody in front of him to mess it up. It was always going to be tough but it was really enjoyable. Guy and I were swapping paint and places pretty much every lap.”

Guy Martin - 2011 Isle of Man Superstock TT Race 1
TAS Suzuki’s Guy Martin led from start to finish in the second Superbike match ahead of Keith Amor and William Dunlop.

In the second match Amor once again got up front and battled with Martin, William Dunlop, Cameron Donald and Gary Johnson. In the end Martin took a dominant victory after leading from start to finish, the TAS Suzuki rider claiming victory by nearly three seconds ahead of Amor.

“I’m a ‘Happy Camper’ now I’ve got that win,” said Martin. “After the first Superbike race, where I was just concentrating on trying to win on the road, I knew what I had to do in the last race and watch my board. It’s not ideal to take the chequered flag and lose; by ‘eck it’s bizarre if I’m honest, but those are the rules.”

William Dunlop achieved his first of three podiums over the weekend in the second Superbike race, finishing 0.117 seconds behind Amor. Meanwhile, McGuinness failed to finish both Superbike races after a hole in his radiator forced him out. The Englishman still returned for the second race though at the back of the field, earning 17th.

Keith Amor - 2011 Isle of Man TT
Keith Amor was consistently in the top-five and took podiums in both Superbike races.

“The team did a mega job repairing the radiator but we were just a few minutes too late to get on the grid,” said McGuinness. “I spoke to the organizer and said shall I just go out at the back of the pack and show the fans that we didn’t come here not to do our job. I actually enjoyed it a bizarre way, just riding round with no pressure – I revved up the crowd a bit and it was good. It’s been a tough week though.”

In Supersport Michael Dunlop swept each race ahead of his brother, William Dunlop, by less than a second. Meanwhile Donald scored his only podium of the weekend during the second race in third, The Wilson Craig Honda rider crossing the line more than 1.3 seconds behind Michael Dunlop. Anstey, winner of the first Superbike race, also made an appearance on the podium in the first race in third.


With a speed of 124.943 mph Michael Dunlop posted the victory in the solo Superstock race more than 1.7 seconds ahead of Martin. Johnson snared his only podium of the day in third more than 10 seconds behind, with Blackhorse Kawasaki Motors’ Ian Lougher earning fourth. Amor rounded out the top-five, the Scotsman achieving top-six finishes in nearly all of the races this year.

Ulster Grand Prix Superbike Race 1 Results
1. Bruce Anstey (Honda) 130.537 mph
2. Guy Martin (Suzuki) +4.824 129.921 mph
3. Keith Amor (Honda) +4.998 129.899 mph
4. Gary Johnson (Honda) +5.251 129.867 mph
5. William Dunlop (Honda) +5.607 129.821 mph
6. Cameron Donald (Honda) +6.868 129.661 mph
7. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) +9.304 129.354 mph
8. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) +16.519 128.451 mph
9. Stephen Thompson (BMW) +24.230 127.500 mph
10. Adrian Archibald (Kawasaki) +24.461 127.471 mph
11. Steve Mercer (Honda) +24.924 127.415 mph
12. Dan Stewart (Honda) +38.250 125.806 mph
13. John Burrows (Suzuki) +41.860 125.377 mph
14. James McBride (Kawasaki) +41.935 125.368 mph
15. Dan Kneen (Kawasaki) +44.189 125.102 mph

Ulster Grand Prix Superbike Race 2 Results
1. Guy Martin (Suzuki) +128.168 mph
2. Keith Amor (Honda) +2.956 127.864 mph
3. William Dunlop (Honda) +3.073 127.852 mph
4. Cameron Donald (Honda) +3.357 127.823 mph
5. Bruce Anstey (Honda) +4.103 127.747 mph
6. Gary Johnson (Honda) +21.896 125.951 mph
7. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) +21.896 125.951 mph
8. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) +36.640 124.500 mph
9. Adrian Archibald (Kawasaki) +39.890 124.185 mph
10. David Johnson (Kawasaki) +46.355 123.563 mph
11. Dan Kneen (Kawasaki) +47.713 123.433 mph
12. James McBride (Kawasaki) +49.736 123.240 mph
13. John Burrows (Suzuki) +1:00.934 122.182 mph
14. Paul Shoesmith (BMW) +1:15.679 120.817 mph
15. Brian McCormack (Kawasaki) +1:25.225 119.949 mph

Ulster Grand Prix Supersport Race 1 Results
1. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) 125.498 mph
2. William Dunlop (Honda) +0.340 125.458 mph
3. Bruce Anstey (Honda) +0.797 125.404 mph
4. Cameron Donald (Honda) +2.360 125.219 mph
5. Guy Martin (Suzuki) +4.027 125.022 mph
6. John McGuinness (Honda) +19.455 123.232 mph
7. Wayne Hamilton (Yamaha) +28.109 122.250 mph
8. Ryan Farquhar (Kawasaki) +28.299 122.229 mph
9. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) +29.923 122.046 mph
10. Dan Kneen (Yamaha) +53.712 119.434 mph
11. Andrian Archibald (Yamaha) +53.947 119.409 mph
12. Michael Pearson (Yamaha) +55.258 119.268 mph
13. Derek Sheils (Honda) +57.005 119.082 mph
14. Stephen Thompson (Triumph) +58.146 118.960 mph
15. Seamus Elliott (Yamaha) +1:02.723 118.474 mph

Ulster Grand Prix Supersport Race 2 Results
1. Michael Dunlop (Yamaha) 126.622 mph
2. William Dunlop (Honda) +0.825 126.539 mph
3. Cameron Donald (Honda) +1.359 126.485 mph
4. Guy Martin (Suzuki) +8.048 125.818 mph
5. Gary Johnson (Honda) +21.444 124.501 mph
6. Keith Amor (Honda) +23.151 124.336 mph
7. Bruce Anstey (Honda) +23.390 124.312 mph
8. John McGuinness (Honda) +23.618 124.290 mph
9. Ben Wylie (Yamaha) +43.538 122.389 mph
10. Dan Kneen (Yamaha) +43.648 122.379 mph
11. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) +48.883 121.889 mph
12. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) +48.916 121.886 mph
13. Stephen Thompson (Triumph) +1:01.778 120.699 mph
14. Ivan Shanley (Yamaha) +1:07.021 120.222 mph
15. Olie Linsdell (Yamaha) +1:17.024 119.322 mph

Ulster Grand Prix Superstock Results
1. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) 124.943 mph
2. Guy Martin (Suzuki) +1.770 124.770 mph
3. Gary Johnson (Honda) +11.611 123.816 mph
4. Ian Lougher (Kawasaki) +11.701 123.807 mph
5. Keith Amor (Honda) +18.901 123.119 mph
6. Conor Cummins (Kawasaki) +23.888 122.646 mph
7. Steve Mercer (BMW) +24.205 122.617 mph
8. Cameron Donald (Honda) +26.399 122.410 mph
9. Stephen Thompson (BMW) +32.023 121.884 mph
10. John McGuinness (Honda) +38.932 121.243 mph
11. Bruce Anstey (Honda) +45.136 120.674 mph
12. James McBride (Kawasaki) +48.426 120.374 mph
13. John Burrows (Kawasaki) +1:03.209 119.045 mph
14. Paul Shoesmith (BMW) +1:13.207 118.163 mph
15. Dan Stewart (BMW) +1:14.185 118.077 mph

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