2012 Husqvarna Motocross Lineup

August 30, 2011
Matt Davidson
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2012 Husqvarna TC250
Husqvarna’s 2012 motocross bikes will include select F1-inspired upgrades courtesy its parent company, BMW.

Husqvarna continues rolling out its 2012 models with the release of its updated motocross bikes. The most aggressive of the brand’s off-road motorcycles, the TC250 and TC449 are designed with racing technology and feature several improvements from previous models. In its latest generation of race-inspired motorcycles, the Italian company has borrowed inspiration from parent company BMW in an effort to create a more competitive design.
2012 Husqvarna TC250
One of the first bikes to feature BMW technology is the TC250. For 2012 the 249.5cc single cylinder four-stroke engine is injected with F1-inspired technology via a new piston design, which is lighter and operates inside a cylinder head which also originated in the F1 series. Other high-quality components include updated valve finger followers with special DLC coating to extend their lifespan. The upcoming design swaps its previous Mikuni ECU and throttle body for a Keihin unit with three different preset maps available. The TC250’s ignition is now upgraded to CDI, and a new airbox and altered velocity stack has Husqvarna claiming a significant power increase over previous models. Specifically, Husky states the new design is more powerful in the high-range and overrev.
As with the rest of Husqvarna’s 2012 line the TC250 has been upgraded to a new chassis (the same as TXC models). Some of the frame’s highlights are increased tensile strength and structural reinforcement, with additional plates being added to the steering head. The bike also transitions to a Kayaba 48mm closed fork and a link-mounted Kayaba shock that’s been developed specifically for U.S. motocross riders. The ’12 model also has silver anodized Excel rims and a red/black color scheme.

2012 Husqvarna TC449
The TC449 features increased power and the ability to change ignition mapping through a switch on the handlebar.

2012 Husqvarna TC449
The brand’s premier motocrosser, the TC449, will feature improvements focused on increasing its power delivery. New valve timing, a revised velocity stack and new settings on the ignition, including a dual-map configuration, are helpful in this category. One of the highlights is the ability to change the ignition map with the engine running, which is accomplished via a switch on the handlebar. The TC449 has also been fitted with a larger airbox and high-performance WP radiator, which increases the bike’s RPM range.
Like its smaller sibling the TC449 gets a new frame and a Kayaba 48mm closed fork. The shock has been re-tuned to match performance needs of motocross, and also boasts a progressive spring which is softer on the initial stroke. As with its TE and TXC counterparts, the 449 moves to a single-piece tail section and a simplified wiring harness.

2012 Husqvarna CR125

2012 Husqvarna CR125
At only $5999, the ’12 CR125 is one of the most affordable two-strokes. 

Husqvarna will also be offering a two-stroke model in the upcoming year in the form of the CR125. The eighth-liter motocrosser offers a low price-point at $5999, and features a 124.8cc single cylinder two-stroke engine. There’s also a top-end kit available for the ’12 CR125, allowing for an additional power upgrade that includes both piston and cylinder. A Brembo hydraulic clutch operates the six-speed gearbox, with a Mikuni TMX38 carburetor still in use. All of Husky’s two strokes include Ducati Energy digital ignition.

2012 MSRP:
TC250 $6999
TC449 $7999
CR125 $5999