2012 Husqvarna TE Lineup

August 25, 2011
Matt Davidson
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2012 Husqvarna TE310
The TE310 (above) and TE250 (below) get frame and suspension updates, with the 250 being lowered by nearly two inches.
2012 Husqvarna TE250

For those who can’t decide between carving canyons on the street or blasting through single-track trails off-road, Husqvarna helps bridge the gap in 2012. In the upcoming year the brand will toss several new updates into its dual-sport lineup, which includes the TE250, TE310, TE449 and TE511. Each model is street legal in 50 states and capable of a variety of terrain. Husqvarna maintains that its TE models favor the dirt slightly more than the pavement, allowing the bikes to be ridden more aggressively. If you’re in the market for something that can make the short ride to your favorite OHV area, than a Husky may be right up your alley.
Those familiar with the TE310 model will recall that MotoUSA picked it as the best off-road motorcycle in 2010, which wasn’t a small feat considering it was up against KTM and Husaberg. One feature which held it back though was its suspension, which proved quite harsh. In 2012, however, the TE310 does away with its Sachs shock in favor of a fully-adjustable Kayaba with soft damp linkage that riders can fine-tune. In fact, all four of Husqvarna’s new dual-sport models will get the same suspension upgrade, including a 48mm Kayaba open cartridge front fork. Another area where the 310 sees improvement is its frame. Modifying the frame for the second year in a row, Husqvarna has included an all-black chromoly design that is more rigid. The chassis upgrade is meant to complement the 310’s improved suspension, which Husqvarna claims is more responsive. Revised engine cooling and a new exhaust system are also thrown into the latest release, with new handlebar clamps rounding out the list of upgrades made to the TE310. Overall the bike remains relatively cheaper compared to other European brands with an MSRP of $8,199.
One of the biggest revisions takes place with the TE250. The model now features a seat height that is close to two inches (50mm) shorter than last year’s model. Husky accomplished this by lowering the suspension in the front and rear, while adding more stiffness. Along with its new frame, the TE250 comes with a stronger steering tube.

2012 Husqvarna TE449
The TE449 features a new WP radiator and revised mapping to control its power curve.

Husqvarna’s big bore models – the TE449 and TE511 – maintain the same basic platform but with a few select changes. Slight alterations to the side panels of both models have been made for better ergonomics, and a one-piece tail section has been fitted to make the design more compact. A simplified electrical system sheds a bit of weight from the previous model. Both get reinforced seat rails and stronger engine supports, and the Kayaba shock is 4mm shorter to create a lower seat height. The TE449 and TE511 keep a single cylinder, four-valve DOHC powerplant, but revisions have been made to fuel injection to smooth out the power curve. Cooling efficiency has also been boosted by a new WP radiator.

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2012 Suggested Retail Prices:
TE250 $7599
TE310 $8199
TE449 $8699
TE511 $8999

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