2012 Husqvarna TXC Lineup

August 15, 2011
Matt Davidson
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2012 Husqvarna TXC310
The TXC310 will debut in 2012 and will feature a 302cc four-stroke fuel injected motor sourced from the TXC250 platform. 

Husqvarna recently spilled the beans on its offerings for the upcoming year. Known for high-performance cross-country bikes, BMW-owned Husqvarna is adding several upgrades to its TXC lineup to keep customers competitive in a variety of off-road settings. Based off the original TE design, the new 2012 TXC models include key updates to exhaust and suspension while blowing the lid off an all-new model – the TXC310.
The TXC310 is built around the existing TE310 dual-sport, but features a bored and stroked 302cc four-stroke fuel injected motor from the TXC250 platform. The intended result is more aggressive power delivery in a lighter package, allowing it to compete against lager displacements. Included on the TXC310 is Kayaba suspension (replacing a Sachs unit) with revised damping and race-inspired Leo Vince exhaust. The model will come with red sticker designation, which limits its use in California OHV areas during select seasons.
The 310 will be joined by the TXC250 and TXC511. Both will receive an all-black chromoly frame that’s been reinforced for more rigidity. The frame has also been completely re-engineered, giving both of the bikes an entirely new feel while upping the design’s overall durability. A Kayaba shock now comes standard with the 250, and the six-speed engine includes updates to maximize power output. The fuel injection system has been heavily modified with revised ignition timing.
The TXC511 remains the true workhorse of the group. As an open-class off-road specialist, the 511 has green sticker designation and features a 477.5cc revised powerplant for smoother power. The dual-flap ignition is altered for more low-end torque. Stylistically, the 511 has

2012 Husqvarna TXC511
The 2012 TXC511 includes revised tuning for smoother power delivery and updates to its rear sock.

been fitted with a single-piece tail section that is designed to improve ergonomics while shortening it by 15mm. The Kayaba shock remains, but a progressive spring has been added. While creating more sag initially, the addition is reported to increase the bike’s overall balance and improve handling. The Coaxial Traction System works in tandem with revised suspension components, giving the model better climbing ability.
Two-stroke lovers have something to look forward to in 2012. Husqvarna is continuing to roll-out its WR line of cross-country screamers with three different models. Featuring 125, 250 and 300cc engine displacements, these carbureted two-strokers are still mixing gas in an attempt to offer an alternative to today’s thumpers. One of the highlights of Husqvarna’s 2012 line is the WR125. Next year the design will be reintroduced to the fray complete with a top-end kit, allowing riders the opportunity to squeeze an extra 19cc’s out of its motor. The kit will contain both cylinder and piston.
Like the TXC line, the WR models will be fitted with a new black chromoly frame along with silver Excel rims. All WR models come with a Kayaba fork and Sachs shock, complete with new graphics that match the rest of Husqvarna’s 2012 lineup.

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