2012 Suzuki ATV Lineup

August 7, 2011
Matt Davidson
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2012 Suzuki KingQuad 750 Limited Edition
2012 Suzuki Ozark 250
2012 Suzuki QuadSport Z400

Whether you’re hitting the trails, blasting through berms or working around the house, Suzuki is covering all the bases with a broad range of ATVs for 2012. The coming year will see seven sport utility ATVs brought into Suzuki’s lineup as the brand attempts to market itself to purpose-minded customers. The KingQuad alone will include six different models complete with everything from power steering, camo exterior, automatic as well as semi-automatic transmissions.
The 2012 750AXi is powered by a 722cc fuel injected powerplant that is geared for low to mid-range torque. Its new fuel injection system allows for improved throttle response and quicker engine starts. Weighing in at a claimed 665 lbs., it has independent rear suspension and locking front differential. For those who need power steering a separate model is also available, along with a 493cc version that also features power steering. The KingQuad 400ASi offers a 376cc air-cooled engine with an automatic transmission.
Also on tap is the semi-automatic KingQuad 400FSi that contains a five-speed transmission and automatic clutch. Separate from the KingQuad lineup is the much lighter Ozark 250 sport utility ATV. More the 230 lbs. lighter than the 750AXi, the Ozark 250 offers more versatility through its lightweight design. The 2012 design features 2WD and many practical features such as an electric start system, a Start-in-Gear feature and recoil backup.
The race-inspired QuadSport Z400 will also be available in 2012 with a 398cc liquid-cooled engine. Some of the biggest upgrades are to its fuel injection system, which now comes with 36mm throttle bodies and a 12-hole injector that more effectively delivers fuel/air to the engine. Independent double wishbone suspension absorbs front impacts while a swingarm takes care of things in back. The front track has been widened by 25mm to improve overall handing and stability, and minor styling updates have led to a sharper and slimmer appearance.
For more information and updates on pricing when they become available go to www.suzukicycles.com or www.suzukicycles.com/now

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