Brammo Conducts Final Empulse RR Test

August 18, 2011
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Steve Atlas puts the Brammo Empulse R race bike through its paces at Thunderhill Raceway.
Brammo conducted a final test at Thunderhill prior to the TTXGP season finale at Miller Motorsports Park in September.
Steve Atlas on Brammo Empulse RR - 2011 Infineon
Brammo is currently leading the points in the TTXGP Championship and hopes to secure its first-ever title next month at Miller Motorsports Park.

In preparation for the final TTXGP (all-electric motorcycle road racing series) round of the year taking place Labor Day weekend at Utah’s Miller Motorsports Park, the guys over at e-bike manufacturer Brammo did some final testing on its Empulse RR prototype. Most of the testing revolved around selecting the optimum final drive gearing and rear tire size combo that will allow it to take full advantage of its current platform.

With its current motor specification, Brammo says that it pumps out around 86 horsepower to the back tire. (It is designing a new motor that will pump out twice the amount of power). Although this is considerably less power than some of the other e-bike teams (Lighting Motors, Moto Czysz) the Empulse is a relatively light machine weighing right around 480 pounds with a full tank of… electricity.

Although I’ve actually attended two of the races this year I was trapped inside the media center typing up race reports so I never had a chance to actually see or hear the bike out on track until yesterday during a private test at Thunderhill Raceway. And wow! It’s crazy how cool of bike the Empulse RR is. The overall craftsmanship and build quality appear quite high and it employs some of the latest racing hardware as used on its gasoline-powered brethren.

It’s also a trip to hear it on track. One would assume that since it is powered by an electric motor that it would emit zero sound but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact due to its high electrical demands the bike features multiple radiators and cooling fans so when it’s powered up it literally sounds like a fighter jet! That sound is amplified times 10 as it cuts through the air at 100-plus mph.

For more information on Brammo’s race prototype check out the latest edition of our multi-part electric bike racing saga in the Electric Superbike Racing: Brammo Part IV and make sure to check out to see if Steve Atlas and Brammo can secure this year’s TTXGP Championship.

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