Reg Pridmore’s CLASS School End of Summer

August 18, 2011
Courtesy of CLASS Motorcycle Schools
At the end of this month CLASS is excited to be taking the best street riding school in the country to Oregon Raceway Park. “We have heard so many great things about this great new track 2 hours east of Portland, Oregon”, explains Reg. “We’ve seen videos and heard it described sort of like a “really fun roller coaster” and we are really looking forward to getting out there with the school and riding.”

The track’s wide fresh pavement, nice turns and elevation changes make it sure to be one of our favorites for years to come. CLASS will be there Monday and Tuesday August 29 and 30. You can take one day or take them both. There will be an awesome CLASS team on hand to work with you and ride with you and help you kick your riding up a few notches! There’s still some space so if you can get away to ORP, come ride with CLASS.

Then on Labor Day, it’s off to Streets of Willow (north of LA) where CLASS will be having a good old fashioned Labor Day Party, complete with a free barbeque lunch, and sponsored in part by Honda Riders Club of America! That means lots of good stuff, a raffle, and Reg will even be raffling off a new Shoei helmet! But it’s not just one day, it’s two – Labor Day is Monday September 5th and we’ll be there both the 5th and the 6th. And maybe the best thing is if you take Monday, you can add Tuesday Sept 6th for an amazingly low price.

Two days of genuine Reg Pridmore’s CLASS, the best in the business, at Streets of Willow, one of our favorite tracks, and a free barbeque lunch! With all that, this Labor Day celebration is definitely the place to be.

Check your calendar then check ours for all the details on these awesome CLASS dates coming up in the next few weeks. Hope to see you there! 

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