Spy Optic Klutch Goggle Review

Justin Dawes | August 4, 2011
spy klutch goggle
Spy makes some of the coolest looking goggles in the business. Thw quality and performance is top-notch as well.

I am obsessed with goggles, even more so than the gear I wear. I know what I like and what I don’t when it comes to protecting my better-than-perfect 20/15 vision. My eye protection needs to be clear, have nothing obstructing my peripheral, and fit well on my face. I’m also a stickler when it comes to style, no Plain-Jane black for me.

A couple of weeks ago Spy Optics sent over a box of goodies that included a pair of Klutch goggles in the Hollyweird color way. Right of the bat I snagged them as they were for sure my style – bright, loud and funky. However, I wasn’t sure how they would fair on the track and the trail, as they looked pretty basic in the design department. There was no outrigger strap mount or nose guard and they looked like the eye port might be a little small. I would give them a go, but wasn’t expecting to like them.

The Hollyweird Klutch Goggle comes with a greenish-purple mirrored lens that adds to the rock star look. Tear off posts are attached to the lens, but Spy does not supply any with the goggles like some other manufacturers. They are available separately for $10.95 for a 10-pack or $13.95 for 20, but it would be cool to have some in the box. Included with the goggles are an additional clear lens and a soft white bag to wipe down and protect your $64.95 investment.

First off, the Triple Layer Isotron foam was very comfortable on my face and the sealing was solid with no gaps to let in dust to attach my precious eyeballs. The strap was just long enough to fit snug around my medium Shoei VFX-W helmet, and I would like to have seen a bit more material for larger lids. A silicon band holds the strap in place with the perfect amount of grip.

Looking trough the green-mirrored lens, the difference between bright and shadowed parts of the track was reduced. This would be helpful in high contrast situations such as the early morning or the late afternoon when shadows are long and plentiful. I wouldn’t recommend this lens for middle of the day use when the sun is directly overhead as the lack of contrast makes seeing some details difficult. No a big deal though, changing the lens is quick and easy as most goggles are these days. The clarity of the Spy Optic lenses is excellent, and they resist scratching very well even when wiping big chucks of dried mud away without any water.

The 2012 Kawasaki KX250F can handle power sapping berms even with a larger rider.
The Spy Optic Klutch worked great at wicking moisture when the temps rose and the sweat was flowing.

In addition to having great eyesight, I was also blessed with above average peripheral vision, and smaller goggle frames can be distracting. The Klutch frame is a little small for my liking, but the encroachment on my field of view was not as much as the Alloy or Oakley O-frame. The amount of the frame I can see if acceptable and not a bother in any way, and many people would have no problems whatsoever.

After pounding out a few motos and a trail ride on the hot summer days we’ve been experiencing lately, I have to give the face foam a big thumbs up in sweat absorption. The Isotron foam wicked the moisture away quickly and kept it sealed into the 2nd and 3rd layer. There is nothing worse than sweat dripping down your lens and then into your eyes. Not an issue with the Klutch.

My only real gripe with these goggles is the pressure on the bridge if my nose after 20 to 30 minutes of riding. It is not painful just annoying. I have a bit of a bump on my schnoz after breaking it numerous times, so wouldn’t see this as much of an issue for most riders.

After spending a solid five to six hours with the Spy Optic Klutch Goggle, I would recommend that you should add them to your short list to consider when shopping for new eye protection. The quality is top notch, the sweat absorption is excellent, the clarity is amazing and there are dozens of colors and graphics to choose from. Like I said I know what I like, and I like these goggles.

The Spy Optics Klutch Goggle is available in a variety of colors at Motorcycle Superstore.

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