AMA 250 Motocross Steel City Results 2011

September 3, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Dean Wilson is still searching for his first overall win of the season after finishing second for sixth consecutive time. - Millville 2011
Dean Wilson secured his first-ever AMA Pro Motocross title during the penultimate round with the double victory.

Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson clenched the 250 AMA Pro Motocross title a round early at the Steel City National on Saturday. The Scotsman rode to a dominating double victory in his class to cap off what has been a tremendously consistent season for Wilson and Mitch Payton’s Pro Circuit squad. Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac surfaced on the overall podium for the third time this season in second, with German Marvin Musquin putting KTM on the podium for the first time with back to back third-place motos.
In the first race Wilson nabbed the holeshot ahead of Geico Honda’s Jimmy DeCotis and Justin Bogle. Bogle immediately grabbed second from DeCotis and set his sights on Wilson as the rookie proved eager to get toward the front. Following Bogle’s failed pass attempts on Wilson, Tomac shot around DNA Shred Stix Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes for third as DeCotis suffered a crash six laps into the moto. Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Broc Tickle also had a difficult start to the day after being forced out due to a mechanical problem. As the race wore on Tomac hunted down Bogle for second as the rookie began to fade. In the end Wilson took a wire-to-wire victory in the first contest, crossing the finish-line jump more than nine seconds ahead of Tomac. Musquin continued to make passes in the final laps to finish third, with Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray and Blake Baggett both finishing off the podium in fourth and fifth, respectively.
In the final moto of the day Musquin had a surprise holeshot to lead the first couple of turns. Once again Wilson jumped into the lead on the opening lap with Musquin, Tomac, Eleven10Mods Alex Martin and DNA Shred Stix Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham following. Tomac then snatched the lead from Wilson and started pulling away, but a mistake allowed Wilson to catch and eventually pass the Honda rider to reclaim the lead. Further back Baggett and Rattray were out of podium contention, with Baggett crashing out of fifth after hitting a sign on the side of the track. With Rattray and Baggett off the podium the stage was set for Wilson to be crowned the 2011 250 AMA Motocross Champion a round early. In the end Wilson took his second win for the day ahead of Tomac, with Musquin rounding out the podium. Rattray finished fourth overall and remains nine points ahead of Baggett as the final round approaches.

250 Motocross Steel City Results:
1. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki) 1-1
2. Eli Tomac (Honda) 2-2

Geico Hondas Eli Tomac finished on the podium for only the third time this season at Steel City with 2-2 moto scores.
Geico Honda’s Eli Tomac finished on the podium for only the third time this season at Steel City with 2-2 moto scores.

3. Marvin Musquin (KTM) 3-3
4. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki) 4-4
5. Gareth Swanepoel (Yamaha) 7-6
6. Blake Baggett (Kawasaki) 5-8
7. Justin Bogle (Honda) 6-10
8. Alex Martin (Honda) 10-7
9. Martin Davalos (Suzuki) 11-9
10. Malcolm Stewart (Suzuki) 8-14
11. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 12-11
12. Broc Tickle (Kawasaki) 37-5
13. Jason Anderson (Suzuki) 15-13
14. Gannon Audette (Yamaha) 13-17
15. Darryn Durham (Honda) 9-35

250 Motocross Championship Points:
1. Dean Wilson, 488
2. Tyla Rattray, 436
3. Blake Baggett, 427
4. Eli Tomac, 290
5. Kyle Cunningham, 283
6. Gareth Swanepoel, 270
7. Broc Tickle, 236
8. Martin Davalos, 197
9. Alex Martin, 195
10. Justin Barcia, 181

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