American SuperBike New Jersey Race 2 2011

September 4, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Blake Young pulled a victory in the final race of the 2011 American SuperBike Championship in New Jersey. It wasn’t enough, however, to keep his rival from defending the title by 11 points as Young crossed the finish line just 0.054 seconds ahead of Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes. National Guard Jordan Suzuki’s Roger Hayden finished third in the contest, with Colombian Martin Cardenas rebounding from a difficult first race to earn fourth in what was an extremely heated season finale.

Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Tommy Hayden nabbed the holeshot off the line, but Hayes quickly pounced to take the lead with Roger Hayden following suit in second. Just a few turns later Tommy Hayden reclaimed second from his brother, while Jordan Suzuki’s Ben Bostrom, Cycle World Attack Performance Kawasaki’s Steve Rapp and Young were running fourth through sixth, respectively. The race was soon interrupted though when Canadian Brett McCormick crashed, causing a red flag to come out.
On the restart Tommy Hayden had the lead with Bostrom, Young and Hayes following. Young wasted little time moving toward the front into second as Rapp also advanced up to third ahead of Bostrom. Meanwhile Hayes continued to keep the pressure on his rival by moving up to third ahead of Bostrom and Rapp. The top-three riders were now fighting neck and neck for position as Hayes jumped into the lead ahead of Young and Tommy Hayden. With 13 laps to go Young shot up front ahead of Hayes as Bostrom passed Rapp for fourth in the order. A series of exchanges took place between Young and Hayes, and Young managed to make one of his moves stick.
In the final laps Bostrom made a move to get past Tommy Hayden, who was now running fourth just ahead of Cardenas. In a shocking move Bostrom continued moving ahead into second, pushing Hayes back to fourth and giving Young the advantage to win the championship. Just then Tommy Hayden crashed out while Young continued to lead – this time ahead of Bostrom and Hayes. While Young and Bostrom went at it for the lead Hayes snuck by for second, but once again the defending champ was edged out by Bostrom and Roger Hayden. With the white flag out and Hayes sitting in fourth it turned into a real nail-biter, but it quickly fell apart when Bostrom went off track – putting Hayes back on the podium. Determined not to lose the championship, Hayes continued to push toward the front where he eventually passed Roger Hayden for second. Young and Hayes were then drag racing down to the line with the checkers in sight.
In the end Young outgunned Hayes for the last win of the season, but his fifth-place result in the first race allowed Hayes to catch up and surpass Young for the championship win.

“I got myself into second and got set for a run up to flag,” said Hayes, “and it was a heck of a run, but I didn’t have enough to get by him. Man, what an exhale [I let out] once we crossed the line and it was over and done with — Blake made me race my tail off for that last one, and it was great.”

“It was tough, tough weekend for me, for sure,” said Young. “Today, I don’t think it was skill or anything but mainly just heart. I just wanted to show what my team was capable of and what they’ve been doing all year long. I wanted to end the season like that, and I did.”

Tommy Hayden finished third in the series, his crash in the final race leaving him down in 17th. Cardenas and Bostrom rounded out the top-five finishers in the championship as each posted commendable rides during the finale.

American SuperBike New Jersey Race 2 Results:
1. Blake Young (Suzuki)
2. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
3. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)

Josh Hayes rides around New Jersey Motorsports Park with the checkered flag after successfully defending his No. 1 plate.

4. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
5. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki)
6. Geoff May (EBR)
7. Taylor Knapp (EBR)
8. Chris Clark (Yamaha)
9. Jeremy Toye (BMW)
10. JD Beach (Kawasaki)
11. Chris Peris (BMW)
12. Jordan Burgess (Suzuki)
13. Shane Narbonne (Suzuki)
14. Larry Pegram (BMW)
15. Reese Wacker (Suzuki)

2011 American SuperBike Championship Points:
1. Josh Hayes, 338
2. Blake Young, 327
3. Tommy Hayden, 284
4. Martin Cardenas, 213
5. Ben Bostrom, 193
6. Larry Pegram, 183
7. Roger Hayden, 181
8. Chris Clark, 144
9. Steve Rapp, 137
10. Geoff May, 124