Australasian Safari Day 2 Results 2011

September 25, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Ben Grabham - 2011 Australasian Safari Day 2
Ben Grabham posted the fastest time during the second leg of the Australasian Safari ahead of brothers Jacob and Todd Smith.

Todd Smith remains in the lead in the 2011 Australasian Safari competition. On the second leg last year’s champion, Ben Grabham, laid down the fastest time of 03:06:04 to move up to third in the event. Jacob Smith and Todd Smith followed Grabham’s KTM 450SXF throughout the western outback, with Todd finishing more than a minute and a half behind Grabham. Cyril Despres finished the day in seventh as the newcomer is still struggling to read course notes.
Tomorrow the third leg should feature much quicker times as competitors head further inland from Mt. Magnet to Sandstone.

Australasian Safari Day 2 Results:
1. Ben Grabham (KTM) 03:06:04
2. Jacob Smith (Honda) 03:07:04
3. Todd Smith (Honda) 03:07:47
4. Shane Diener (Yamaha) 03:08:24
5. Matthew Fish (KTM) 03:11:00
6. Damien Grabham (Husaberg) 03:12:22
7. Cyril Despres (KTM) 03:14:02
8. Rod Faggotter (Yamaha) 03:18:22
9. Ben Williams (Honda) 03:21:23
10. Ivan Erceg (Honda) 03:22:11
11. David Schwarz (Husaberg) 03:22:58
12. Troy O’Connor (KTM) 03:27:05
13. David Geeves (Honda) 03:27:34
14. William Coole (Husaberg) 03:28:21 

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