Australasian Safari Day 7 Results 2011

September 30, 2011
Matt Davidson
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Todd Smith  above  surfaced with the fastest time on the first day just a few minutes ahead of his brother  Jacob Smith.
Todd Smith won his first-ever Australasian Safari competition after finishing the final day in third place.

For the first time in his career 26-year-old Todd Smith claimed victory in the 2011 Australasian Safari event after posting the third-quickest time on the final leg. Todd won the contest by just over 20 minutes ahead of his brother, Jacob Smith. Rod Faggotter snagged the final podium position in the event after holding tough through the race with a broken hand.
“It’s a great feeling, I’ve been chasing this for a few years and it’s my fourth attempt at Safari,” said Todd Smith. “It’s not sunk in yet and this is my first major win in something like this.”
The Safari claimed many riders, including Frenchman Cyril Despres who suffered tissue damage to his foot after connecting with a fence post on the penultimate leg. The final stretch of the seven-day journey took off from Leonara and headed to Kalgoolie, concluding with a final section at the new Kalgoolie Golf Course. Brothers Todd and Jacob Smith were seen riding cautiously on the final day, with Todd finishing more than four minutes behind Day 7 leader, Shane Diener.
After posting the second-best time on Friday, Sam Sunderland finished the overall event in 30th after getting a difficult start to the contest. Damien Grabham, Diener and Ben Williams rounded out the top-six finishers in the event.

Australasian Safari Day 7 Results:

2011 Australasian Safari Day 7 of 7

1. Shane Diener (Yamaha) 02:12:15
2. Sam Sunderland (Husaberg) 02:14:16
3. Todd Smith (Honda) 02:16:44
4. Jacob Smith (Honda) 02:19:05
5. Damien Grabham (Husaberg) 02:20:28
6. Iven Erceg (Honda) 02:21:36
7. David Schwarz (Husaberg) 02:24:55
8. Rod Faggotter (Yamaha) 02:26:02
9. Michael Heuchan (Husaberg) 02:28:51
10. William Coole (Husaberg) 02:29:03
11. Troy O’Connor (KTM) 02:29:45
12. David Geeves (Honda) 02:30:29
13. David Coates (Honda) 02:33:06
14. Russell Scoble (Honda) 02:34:13
15. Stuart Bowen (Honda) 02:35:31

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