BMW Concept e Scooter First Look

September 16, 2011
Matt Davidson
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BMW Concept e Scooter
The BMW Concept e scoot aims to tackle urban markets with a nimble electric design that can compete against gasoline engines.

Earlier MCUSA spread the word that BMW Motorrad is in the process of developing an electric-powered maxi scooter for the urban commuting market. Based on BMW’s new business concept of ‘Urban Mobility’, the German brand has come up with a prototype unveiled at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. BMW bills its Concept e design as a response to the limitations in traffic space, increased traffic density as well as both ecological and economic challenges.
The Concept e scoot is based around BMW’s three visions of the future: electric, digital and dynamic. Aside from all of BMW’s linguistic fluff, the new scooter appears stripped down and rather simple. Along with the iconic BMW logo, the e scoot retains the brand’s typical split-face design in the front as well as the twin-tipped spoiler in the front trim. Set in a ‘Light White’ color scheme, the scooter’s overall appearance is contrasted by black chrome on the upper trim and side sills. Perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the design though is the two ‘Electric Yellow’ side covers to the battery. The electric design also makes use of light alloy wheels which are borrowed from BMW’s i autos.
Instead of typical rearview mirrors, the Concept e features two cameras integrated into the glass of the rear light cluster. The situation behind the rider is the displayed on two separate LCD monitors within the cockpit. Aside from camera displays the instrument cluster is kept to a minimum with speed and other relevant data displayed digitally.

BMW Concept e Scooter
One of the most unique design elements on the Concept e is the use of video cameras for side mirrors.

According to BMW, its i high voltage battery technology is able to equal the acceleration rates of other ICE maxi scooters. The brand also claims the generous storage capacity of the battery coupled with brake energy recuperation gives the Concept e a realistic range of 100 kilometers (more than 62 miles) for everyday use. On top of it all BMW is working on achieving power output which allows for overtaking at highway speeds – all while carrying a passenger.
The design features a standard charging socket in the front section of the central tunnel and is capable of being hooked up to regular household power outlets. BMW states that a full charge takes less than three hours.
This is not the first news of BMW and electric scooters. The Bavarian firm released a Scooter E Concept through its British subsidiary MINI. BMW also revealed it was working on an E-Scooter prototype in July.

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