Brammo Wins TTXGP North American Title

September 6, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Steve Atlas rips around Laguna Seca on the Brammo Empulse RR.
Rider Steve Atlas grabbed the final spot on the podium at this weekend’s TTXGP race at Miller Motorsports Park,  earning the title for Brammo on the MotoUSA-sponsored Empulse RR with his efforts. Congratulations to Craig Bramscher, Brian Wismann and the crew at Brammo for a stellar season.

Motoczysz won the battle at Miller Motosports Park with Shane Turpin riding to a wire-to-wire victory at this weekend’s TTXGP race, but it was Brammo who won the war and the TTXGP North American Championship. Brammo rider Steve Atlas was able to fend off MotoElectra’s Thad Wolf for third place, solidifying the championship for his Ashland, Oregon-based team.

“Brammo is extremely proud of our podium finish in the final round and our greater victory in taking the North American championship. There’s nothing like racing to push this technology to the next level and the increasing speeds of these bikes is certainly an indication of the incredible pace of development. As always, Brammo is focused on taking what’s learned through our racing program to make our production street bikes even better. The season went by in a flash and we’re excited about the opportunity to defend the title next year against even stronger competition!” said Brian Wismann, Brammo’s Director of Product Development.

Motoczysz entered this weekend’s race eager to avenge its Laguna Seca loss to Mission Motors, but Mission was a no-show at the contest. Competition levels were still high, though, as Lightning Motorcycles brought out its heavy hitter, the electric superbike it just set a new land speed racing record of 216 miles on at Bonneville. Lightning also debuted the second motorcycle they’ve been promising since Infineon, a bike it originally intended to run in the TTX75 but instead installed a larger battery pack and ran it in the TTXGP. Infineon winner Brammo Motorsports was back with its MotoUSA-sponsored Empulse RR as was electric racing veteran MotoElectra with Wolfe at the helm of the slick e-bike built on a Norton Featherbed replica frame.

Who says racing electric motorcycles doesnt have the same sex appeal
The Brammo girls pose with the championship-winning Empulse RR and its talented rider, Steve Atlas.

Motoczysz served notice early on that its E1pc had the edge on its competition this weekend with Turpin claiming pole position. Turpin checked out early to post the victory in the final North American TTXGP of the season, crossing the line with about a 30-second cushion on its competitors.

Lightning missed qualifying and therefore had to start from the back of the grid, but its motorcycles looked strong, with Tim Hunt claiming second place at Miller. Ted Rich and the second Lightning entry engaged in a heated battle with Atlas on the Brammo Empulse RR early on, with the Lightning winning the duel in the straights while the sharp-handling Brammo trimmed the gap in the corners. But Rich’s Lightning would suffer a broken chain on Lap 2 which took them out of the podium hunt.

With the first two positions established, the winner of the battle for third would also be declared the TTXGP North American Championship 2011. Atlas was comfortably in third, but he left off the throttle a little early due to confusion with track officials over the length of the race. It didn’t take long to realize his celebration was premature as he quickly returned to a tuck and was able to hold off Wolff by about 20 yards for the final spot on the podium, delivering the title to Brammo. MotoElectra’s Brian Richardson and Wolff settled for second place in the championship but the team was number one with many fans. MotoElectra has earned its respect by participating in every TTXGP track event ever held so far in North America.

“What a season it has been – Two trips to California and now finishing up in Utah. Brian reports that Thad finished today’s race with only 25% left in the battery – used up more battery than ever before, but the bike ran very consistent and the engine ran cool!,” read MotoElectra’s post-race press release.

TTXGP North America Miller Motorsport Park Results 2011:

1. Shane Turpin (Motoczysz)
2. Tim Hunt (Lightning)
3. Steve Atlas (Brammo)
4. Thad Wolff (MotoElectra)
5. Ely Schless (ProtoMoto)
6. Ted Rich (Lightning)