Can-Am Launches SpyderRyder Site

September 14, 2011
Courtesy of Cramer-Krasselt Public Relations
Can-Am Spyder Ryder site.

After a short techinical delay on Tuesday September 13th 2011, Can-Am officially launched to the public.

Check out the site and experience the rides with our team of road spokespersons, the Can-Am Spyder Five. Ride with them through wine country in beautiful Napa Valley, California. Or experience the Ozarks and the Badlands. Feel the thrill of the ride through these exceptionally produced documentary style travel videos.
• Fred Rau’s California tour is up

• Lamont Bryden’s ride from the Badlands to Sturgis will post tomorrow

The Spyder Five bring unique perspectives to their rides across North America via a web-based video miniseries. Riders and fans can use to find resources and ideas for planning their own trips along with tools to post their own stories and photos.

We think you’ll find the destinations, reviews, and commentary both insightful and compelling.
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