Dainese Italian Legendary Tour Day 1 2011

Adam Waheed | September 7, 2011
Motorcycle-USA visits Italy to partcipate in the third annual Dainese Italian Legendary Tour in which we get to ride motorcycles across The Alps with Daineses motorcycle racers from the past and present.
Daniese HQ lobby.
Ducati  MV Agusta  Honda  Yamaha and Benelli have all provided motorcycles for us to ride during the course of our three-day trip.
We’re onsite in Vicenza, Italy, home of Dainese and AGV for this year’s Dainese Italian Legendary Tour.

Hey everybody, I just arrived in Vicenza, Italy, home of Dainese and AGV helmets for the third annual Italian Legendary Tour. This is my first visit to this part of Italy and as we flew into Venice airport the view was pretty spectacular. Basically the entire city is floating above the water. Instead of roads they have waterways that are buoyed off, the Waterworld equivalent of a road. I asked a local guy why I didn’t see any Jet Skis or personal watercraft buzzing around as that seems like a logical form of transportation to me but I guess they’re not allowed…

As soon as I landed, Dainese swooped us up and drove us to its headquarters to take a look at its order processing center. We also got a tour of its showroom as well as some history on the company. As one would expect the building is very progressive in design and could be a magazine feature in Architecture Digest in the States.

Afterwards we checked in our hotel and had dinner with racing legends Carl Fogarty and Marco Lucchinelli. In fact I sat at the same table as them and I have to admit I was a little starstruck by Fogarty, a four-time World Superbike champ. During our dinner we joked and laughed about a variety of different topics: girls, bikes, racing, boozing– all the good stuff, and it was especially hilarious to hear Foggy poke fun at various racers. He truly is a funny guy and quite a maniac still after all these years!

Tomorrow’s plan is to wake up early and head back to Dainese to get our bikes loaded up. Ducati, MV Agusta, Benelli, Honda and Yamaha supplied bikes so we’ll have plenty to choose from. Having never had a chance to ride Benelli or MV machinery so I’m really excited to blast around on those. Right now the weather is fairly pleasant; a little humid but not too hot. You never know if it’s going to rain this time of the year but since I’m decked out in some of Dainese’s latest D-TEC waterproof riding gear I’ll keep dry, so I say bring on the rain! Make sure to check back in 24-hours for another update.


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