EVS Sports LP01 Riding Pant Review

Adam Waheed | September 22, 2011

EVS Sports offers an full-line of off-road riding gear that helps you stay cool and comfortable when you’re motorcycling.

Underwear is perhaps some of the most ignored pieces of motorcycle riding apparel. But it won’t be once you try the EVS LP01 Under Riding Pants. This reasonably price base layer helps keep your body cool and comfortable when you’re behind the handlebar of your dirt bike.
This pant is part of EVS’s TUG Undergear line-up and features a simple but effective design. It’s cut from a thin blend of Lycra and spandex materials so it conforms perfectly to the contour of the rider’s legs and won’t bunch. Another plus is how soft the fabric is as to not irritate skin.
A synthetic bicycle-style chamois is used in the crotch which helps absorb perspiration and prevents chaffing when seated. An elastic waist band ensures that the pant stays in place and the fit around the waist is true to size. Though, the pants have a more slender overall fit so a standard 34-inch waist could necessitates size medium or large depending on body type. Foam pads can be inserted into the hip region which provides some degree of impact protection in a fall. Another advantage is that the pads are a lot less bulky feeling than the ones that come with most riding pants.
Although the LP01 is designed for use in cooler weather, we prefer to wear it year-round. Even in the summer it seems to actually keep your legs cooler as well as preventing knee braces from scratching or digging into skin. Available in sizes small-XXL, the $64.95 under pant is an affordable way help stay comfortable while riding.

The EVS LP01 Under Riding Pants are available from Motorcycle-Superstore.com
MSRP: $64.95


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