More 1000cc GP Tests for Ducati & Yamaha

September 9, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Jorge Lorenzo tests Yamahas 1000cc project for the second time during a post-race test at Misano.
Jorge Lorenzo tests Yamaha’s 1000cc project for the second time during a post-race test at Misano.

As the MotoGP paddock enjoys a week break between the Misano and Aragon rounds, Yamaha and Ducati have conducted further tests on their 2012 machinery. Factory Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies ran a one-day test at Misano following the San Marino GP. Meanwhile, Valentino Rossi got another crack at the GP12, the Ducati factory running a three-day test at the Mugello circuit.

Lorenzo and Spies Faster on the 1000

Monday’s test marks only the second time Lorenzo and Spies have sampled the 1000cc M1, the factory duo getting their first taste at Brno following the Czech Grand Prix. Lorenzo turned the Misano circuit 60 times on the 2012 bike, with Spies out for 74 laps.

The two riders each lapped two tenths faster on the 1000 than their best laps during Sunday’s Misano GP. Both riders were slower than their 800 qualifying times (Lorenzo’s 2011 qualifying time a mere 10th off the best ever lap at Misano, Casey Stoner’s pole position-winning 1’33:138).

  Jorge Lorenzo Ben Spies
1000cc Misano Test 1’33.7 1’34.3
2011 Misano Race 1’33.906 (first) 1’34.518 (fourth)
2011 Misano Qualifying 1’33:258 (second) 1’33:947 (fourth)

Jorge Lorenzo : “It’s been a little bit more difficult here than Brno, which is a very fast track. Misano is a little bit slower so the difference between the 800 and the 1000 is much smaller. It’s difficult to understand the riding style you must use straight away. We’ve made a lot of progress in a couple of hours and the bike has a lot of potential. I’m very excited about the future. We’ve been working on the electronics to help in the braking area but mainly I’ve been getting used to the riding style of the bike and also adapting the bike to my riding.”

Ben Spies: “We rode the same bike as we did in Brno but we changed a bunch of things and started working on a lot of electronics. Misano is a much more physical track; it’s quite tight so there’s a lot of wheelies and rear spinning. It’s fun to ride but very physical compared to the 800. I enjoyed it a lot and we went quite fast on it, getting some pretty good lap times. We’ve got a lot of data now for the engineers to go away and work on the next step for our next test. I think next year is going to be really good and I’m looking forward to racing the thousand!”

Rossi Samples GP12 for Sixth Time

Valentino Rossi: Fortunately  I managed to do two or three good laps at the end of the session  and to make up a few positions. We struggled because we wanted to ride with the hard tyre in order to work for the race  but unfortunately  following a promising start  I found it more difficult as the pace steadily improved.
The Ducati crew hard at work at Misano. The team would go on to test its GP12 at the Mugello circuit, with Rossi joining test rider Franco Battaini on the third and final day.

Ducati conducted a three-day test at Mugello to get its GP12 project on track, with Rossi joining official team test rider, Franco Battaini, for the final day. The nine-time world champion turned 82 laps, his days punctuated by a crash on Lap 3. Participation marks the sixth of Rossi’s eight allotted test days for the 2012 racebike.

Rossi didn’t tip any details of the GP12 test, except that the team worked on various electronic and chassis settings. It is speculated that Ducati is working on a new frame and chassis design to reverse the Italian marque’s lackluster fortunes of late.

“It was an interesting day, although it was also quite long, because we rode until 6:30,” said Rossi post-test. “Developing a bike requires a lot of focus and effort, but it’s also very exciting and fulfilling to be part of a group of people pushing as hard as it can in the same direction. Today we confirmed various aspects of the GP12’s electronics and chassis, collecting a lot of useful information for Filippo and the guys in the factory. I think that the work is well underway as we prepare for our next steps.”

Ducati did not reveal lap times following its 1000cc test, unlike Yamaha and Honda. Ducati also notably passed on testing its 2012 machine during the official post-race test at Brno, where both the Yamaha and Honda ’12 bike were running.

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