Pala WMX Qualifying Results 2011

September 10, 2011
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Hilde is holding down the fort at MotoUSA’s Southern Oregon HQ. With world-class dirt bike and ATV trails just minutes away, the hardest part is getting him to focus on the keyboard. Two wheels or four, it doesn’t matter to our Off-Road Editor so long as it goes like hell in the dirt.

Jessica Patterson snared both motos during Round 1 and is one step closer to defending her 2010 WMX title.
Jessica Patterson was less than a second behind Ashley Fiolek in WMX Qualifying.

Honda’s Ashley Fiolek posted the fastest time in qualifying but was less than a second ahead of Jessica Patterson. JP$ is chasing a 22-point deficit coming into the final WMX race of the year. Tarah Geiger held off the FIM Women’s Motocross Champion, Stephanie Laier on her KTM. Expect to see these top riders doing battle in the motos as well with Laier adding some extra flavor. MotoUSA Langston Motorsports Kawasaki’s Vicki Golden will gate fifth with a best lap of 2:33.08

Pala WMX Qualifying Results:
1. Ashley Fiolek (Honda) 2:27.568
2. Jessica Patterson (Yamaha) 2:28.162
3. Tarah Gieger (Honda) 2:28.336
4. Stephanie Laier (KTM) 2:31.661
5. Vicki Golden (Kawasaki) 2:33.081
6. Kasie Creson (Honda) 2:35.627
7. Mariana Balbi (Yamaha) 2:37.875
8. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Suzuki) 2:39.600
9. Jacqueline Strong (KTM) 2:42.137
10. Elizabeth Bash (KTM) 2:45.532
11. Lindsey Palmer (Honda) 2:45.918
12. Alexah Pearson (KTM) 2:46.631
13. Marissa Markelon (Yamaha) 2:46.921
14. Tatum Sik (Honda) 2:47.671
15. Jenica Paulsen (Honda) 2:48.020

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