2012 Honda Integra First Look

October 25, 2011
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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2012 Honda Integra
2012 Honda Integra Engine
The 2012 Honda Integra features a Dual Clutch Transmission mated to a 670cc in-line Twin.

Honda has released information on a new model that spans the gap between maxi scooters and motorcycles, dubbed the Integra. The company describes the Integra as having “motorcycle performance with scooter comfort and protection.” A second-generation of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission provides the convenience of an automatic transmission with an optional manual mode. From the spec sheet the new design features a 60-inch wheeelbase and a 31.1-inch seat height. The Integra weighs in with claimed curb weight of 524 pounds and maximum carrying capacity of 430 pounds.

An all-new 670cc lightweight liquid-cooled, in-line Twin powers the Integra, delivering strong low to medium rpm torque. Uneven-interval firing with a 270-degree phase crank and an uniaxial primary balancer is designed to create a throbbing engine feel with low vibration. Low exhaust emissions and high fuel economy are claimed with the new powerplant, that is slated to be featured in several concepts to be unveiled at the 69th International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Italy.  

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