Custom Motorcycle Insurance Tips

October 24, 2011
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Custom Motorcycle Insurance

2011 Star Stratoliner Deluxe Project Bike
From mild to wild, buying motorcycle insurance can be difficult. For those with a bit more personalized customs, this guide offers some advice to get you started in the right direction to insure that ride.Ironworks Motorcycle Co. - Rage

Whether you own a motorcycle that is a custom build or you have customized it yourself, insurance for that bike should fit the worth of that bike. Not all insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance and some that do offer it do not cover custom bikes. The following tips may be helpful in evaluating custom motorcycle insurance.

What Is the Difference in Standard vs Custom Motorcycle Insurance?

A standard motorcycle insurance policy is designed mostly to cover motorcycles such as street bikes. They are practical and functional for commuting or city riding. Often, they cover replacement costs, collision, safety apparel, and loss of transportation. The value of a street bike may be fairly standard also and Kelley Blue Book is a good source to see what a street bike with certain mileage, year of make, and horse power is worth.

Custom motorcycle owners are most particular people. The value of their bike is fairly hard to chart. A custom motorcycle, being unique, is an entirely different proposition when it comes to a cheap insurance quotes comparison. When you are talking a 2003 Bourget Fat Daddy, or a bike you have had custom built, there are only so many places you can find the value of these bikes and insurance for them. Having insurance that covers a custom or classic motorcycle is vital.

Buying Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Online is a good place to start to get a cheap insurance quotes comparison. Searching out cheap insurance quotes will help you determine which agencies offer coverage for custom bikes.

Most riders who have custom bikes know others who have them also. Try asking a fellow bike rider who has a custom bike where they get their insurance and how reliable the agency is. Some companies will offer a discount if members of a bike riders association carry their policies with that agency also. They may offer a discount if you own more than one bike and insure it with them or if you have other multiple policies with the same company. A custom biker’s best choice is a reliable company that offers:

* custom motorcycle coverage – this is paramount
* replacement cost coverage – even though it may include customization
* replacement of the same essential bike and its added accessories
* coverage for any passenger
* coverage for any sidecar
* liability up to at least $50,000
* collision
* theft
* vandalism
* coverage for uninsured or under-insured drivers

Motorcycle Value Web Sites

Start with Kelly Blue Book ( and see if you can come close to a value for your bike. Another site that offers value calculations for motorcycles is the National Automobile Dealers Association site ( The next step is to go online, find a reputable agency with all the right coverage at a price you can afford. Online cheap insurance quotes offer you all the advantages of seeing what coverage is available, whether the agency is reliable and what rates they charge.