D&D Fat Cat Pipe for 2012 Harley Switchback

October 28, 2011
Courtesy of BikerPros
D D Fat Cat Pipe for Harley Switchback
The Pope of Pipe, Dave Rash, has come out with a new 2-into-1 Fat Cat exhaust for the 2012 Harley Switchback.

One bike for cruising, one bike for traveling and one performance pipe to bind them all… D&D has released the 2012 Harley Dyna Switchback pipe that pumps out performance, torque and a soul-satisfying tone. The 2-into-1 full pipe comes equipped with heat shields and a flawless finish in midnight black or chrome.

Engineers at D&D work on the sound as much as the performance. At idle, the motorbike is deep, boomy and full of character. Once the throttle is cracked the sweet basso-profundo notes just keep on getting better. Not only does the pipe look good, it is a wonderfully sounding experience for the rider. Our dyno testing shows an increase in torque and horsepower gain by as much as 10%. It was tested with Zippers Hi-Flow Air Cleaner.

“Whether you are rocketing down to your local watering hole or heading out on a multiday run, our Fat Cat performance pipe will get you up to speed quicker with greater efficiency,” explained Dave Rash, the Pope of Pipe.

The 2012 Dyna FatCat Switchback 2-1 exhaust pipe comes with four baffle options for sound and performance. For 103’ engines D&D has louvered and louvered wrapped baffles. For 106’ to 113’ engines D&D has big bore and big bore wrapped baffles. The wrapped baffle remove the high-end pitch but will not reduce performance. Customers
have a choice of back cut or slant cut exhaust tips.

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