Forward Racing CRT to Use Suter Chassis

October 21, 2011
Courtesy of Forward Racing
Forward Racing and Suter Racing Technology together for 2012 season.
NGM Mobile Forward Racing and Suter Racing Technology team up together for the 2012 MotoGP season.

The NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team is proud to announce the agreement with Suter Racing Technology for the 2012 season; the partnership includes the supply, the development and the technical support not just of the moto1 bike destined to Colin Edwards, but as well for the moto2 class, where the riders will be proclaimed before the end of the season.
The new 1000, powered by the latest version of the BMW engine, will take advantage of the experience acquired in these years in the Moto2 class by Suter Racing Technology in the development of chassis and aerodynamics, without underestimating the historic engine-related know-how, which will permit a further evolution thanks to a series of special parts not suitable for the Superbike Championship; also a new dedicated electronic system is under study, which could distinguish this new 1000cc compared to the BMW S1000RR racing in the Superbike World Championship.
It is thanks to this ability and availability to a dedicated development that convinced the NGM Mobile Forward Racing and enthused Colin Edwards to join Suter’s MotoGP project with great resolution.
Big news also for the Suter Moto2 bike, which will see ulteriorly improved its competitiveness already gained in the second half of this Championship; an alike version of the 2012 machine will already be available for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team’s riders during the next Valencia test.

Also the 1000cc bike will be on track with Colin Edwards, who will dedicate the test to take the right confidence with his new team and to compare his impressions with the data already accumulated; the 2012 version of the machine will be available only further in the year for the next series of tests.
“It has not been easy, but we are truly convinced that we made the right choice”, commented Marco Curioni, Sportive Director of the team and responsible of the project.“ When we talked about a CRT at the beginning of the year everything seemed to be a fantasy, but by now we had the chance to evaluate quite a few different packages and all of them were really interesting. Therefore I would like to take the chance to give thanks to all our partners for the attention and their availability. At the end we choose the supplier which offered the highest number of assurances: The past, Suter is our partner since two years; the present, we are truly convinced that Suter today is the best moto2 bike on track and the future, because we see a huge potential in the collaboration with Suter and BMW.”

Enthusiastic was also the statement of Giovanni Cuzari, Media Action’s CEO and NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team’s Owner: “After a wide and careful analysis of the possible suppliers I’m glad that we renewed again our relationship with our partner and friend Eskil Suter. In 2009 we have been the first to believe and to join the project of the new category called Moto2. Once again today, we are the first to announce our Moto1 package, consolidating our alliance which a partner of such an excellence and a potential like Suter.
I’m firmly convinced that choosing this uphill road with Suter 1000cc we’ll get great emotions; we believe in this project and in the potential of a CRT team in the MotoGP Championship, and therefore we want to thank Dorna one more time for this fantastic opportunity!”
Eskil Suter, CEO of Suter Racing Technology:
“Suter Racing Technology is glad to have signed an agreement with Forward Racing in both classes, Moto2 and MotoGP, for the 2012 season. We are absolutely convinced that we are facing a successful collaboration especially with Colin Edwards as rider in MotoGP, where we believe to have a good potential for this first CRT year with the new Suter machine, that will be powered by a BMW engine, which we developed ourselves during the last 12 months. Therefore Forward Racing and Colin Edwards represent a perfect combination for us to work out an ongoing progress in 2012.”
Colin Edwards:

“It’s seven years now, that I’m riding Yamaha and I think that’s really time to change. All of you know, that I announced something else during our press conference, but it was just to get people starting to think about to possibility to develop a CRT bike. We all believe that Suter and BMW are an excellent solution and I can’t wait to get onto the bike in Valencia. I’m really looking forward to this new challenge, which hopefully brings some entertainment back to the sport we all love.”

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