Harley-Davidson Launches The Ridebook

October 5, 2011
Courtesy of Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson has just launched The Ridebook – a curated selection of editorial submissions from independent filmmakers, writers and photographers. Together they form an interactive introduction to the culture of Harley-Davidson in the 21st century, for new and existing riders alike.

Each week for six weeks, we’ll be featuring one new feature, starting with Tomcats – a new short film by filmmaker Oscar Zabala. Tomcats profiles a traditional

Hrley-Davidson The Ridebook
Harley-Davidson is launching a six-week series about Harley culture in the 21st century called The Ridebook.

barbershop in Brooklyn, NY that specializes in 1950s-era haircuts and rare motorcycle memorabilia.

The film can be viewed online at ridebook.harley-davidson.com/tomcats.

Upcoming features include an H-D Archives feature where The Selvedge Yard takes a trip to Milwaukee, home of the Harley-Davidson archive, and examines the impact this classic American brand has had on style, pop culture and society. Another is called Bike Anatomy, a bloggers guide to a Harley including a glossary of terms to help new riders learn the lingo, created by UrbanDaddy. 

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