Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants Review

Bryan Harley | October 19, 2011
Icon’s Brawnson Textile Overpants are the antithesis of the company’s extravagantly decorated helmets. There’s no eye-popping graphics or bold badging. They’re black, and the only branding you’ll find is a small color-matched Icon logo. They’re straight cut with belt loops and jean-style back pockets and though the Brawnson Textile Overpants may lack the pizzazz of some of the company’s other products, that’s just fine by us. We can appreciate their more subtle styling and practicality.

Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants
The Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants are made of durable nylon, have a straight-legged cut, CE knee protection, and cost less than a C-note.
Riding the Ducati Diavel.

The Brawnson Overpants’ straight-legged cut makes for a comfortable fit. Being made from durable 900 denier textile means they’re ready to wear straight off the rack and require minimum maintenance. Bug splatters wash off pretty easy with a damp soapy cloth. It has a permanent mesh liner on the inside which feels soft on the skin. We’ve worn them ala carte as well as with a pair of jeans on underneath and though the cut is slim they easily slip on over underclothing. They’ve even got a zipper and a snap at the bottom of the pant legs so you can slip on bulky boots and access buckles easily.

The nylon the pants are made of is some tough stuff. It doesn’t rip easily and though we haven’t had to ride in the wet with them, we’ll wager the pants are at least rain resistant. The Brawnson Textile Overpants are lightweight and versatile as we wore them in 105-degree heat without sweltering and have ridden in 45-degree weather as well where they kept us plenty warm.

Protection with the Brawnson Textile Overpants comes in the form of CE knee pads which sit in a small pocket stitched in the liner and comes with a Velcro closure if you want to pull them out. They sit just below the knee when walking but ride up when a rider’s knees are bent and situate comfortably. The only other protection is the durable 900 denier chassis.

Storage-wise, Icon’s Brawnsons feature two small zippered hand pockets, which we used for a cell phone, cash and keys. There are two larger mesh cargo pockets below them which we stuffed our oversized wallet in. They’re deep enough to slide a map into as well. The rear pockets are jean-style and don’t have the added security of a zipper. The overpants button up the front and require a belt to cinch up the waist. There’s no zipper attachment to connect them to an Icon jacket, though. 

Icon wants to remind everyone that the Brawnsons are an ‘overpant’ which means they are already sized up one size. Therefore, they recommend you buy a size 34 to wear over your size 34 jeans and if you plan on wearing your Brawnson’s commando, then buy one size smaller than your normal waist size. We ordered a size 36, the same size as our everyday jeans, and the sizing is spot-on.

Want to know one of the best things about the Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants? They’re less than a hundred bucks. You don’t find versatile, durable, everyday riding pants for $95 very often these days, which makes the Brawnsons even more of a steal.

The Icon Brawnson Textile Overpants are available in sizes Sizes 28-44 at the Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP $95


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