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October 6, 2011
Courtesy of AKHIA Public Relations
Matco Tools

Finally, a workspace that works—and is actually easy to design. That’s what customers can find on Matco Tools’ new website dedicated to the 5s Integrated Storage System,  

“Working with technicians, service center managers and dealership owners, we have engineered a functional web tool through innovative technology that allows users to create a fully customized storage system in a simple, user-friendly atmosphere,” said Brian Katzenmeyer, manager of digital marketing for Matco Tools.

Matco’s 5s ISS offers more than 20 different tool storage options in a wide variety of colors and trims that create customized configurations to satisfy most OEM requirements. The custom components not only create storage solutions for technicians’ daily tools, but also overhead and lower storage needs and added organization for lift controls, roll carts, trash receptacles, computer monitors and printers.

All of these components are included on the new website, where customers can either choose from a list of product images and “drag and drop” each into place, or use the free-form option and add dimensions to create an exact replica of their service center. The site’s interface also has the capabilities to change the color and trim of each component easily, show different angles and multiple views of the work area and save and email the finished design to other members of the company.

Matco understands that in today’s marketplace dealerships must drive as much profit as possible through their service centers; the goal of the ISS products is to do exactly that, by optimizing workspace and empowering technicians to improve their efficiency and productivity. Matco’s new website is the first step to creating a more organized, more profitable service center.

“We have always been dedicated to providing tools and equipment that bring added benefits and value to our customers, the website is just another way we’re partnering to help our technicians, service center managers and dealership owners,” said John Green, vice president of marketing for Matco Tools.

For more information about the 5s integrated Storage System or to arrange a time to speak with our storage solution experts, visit  or call 800.331.2427


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