Off Road Hero Endorses the Trail Pac

October 12, 2011
Courtesy of Trail Pac
Chris Carter from Motion Pro endorses support for Trail Pac.
Pro Motion founder, Chris Carter endorses support for the Trail Pac.

An off-road racing champion and long-time supporter of efforts to protect trail access on public lands endorsed The Trail PAC today. Chris Carter, president of Motion Pro in the San Francisco Bay Area, has been an industry leader in land-use advocacy since the 1980s.

Chris Carter, Founder of Motion Pro, states, “I believe that trail enthusiasts must be involved on every front in the fight to keep trails open for responsible OHV recreation.
Off-road voters must become informed and engaged in the electoral process because it is politicians who designate which areas are open or closed to motorized recreation.”

“I believe The Trail PAC is an important tool that should be added to the land-use tool box. I am proud to endorse the efforts of TPAC to help elect politicians who will support the trail community,” Carter conclude 

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