Scorpion VX-34 Helmet Review

JC Hilderbrand | October 21, 2011
The new VX-34 dirt bike helmet was released this summer as the next level of head protection from Scorpion. Right away we were impressed with how sharp it looks. An angular exterior with attractive graphics and rich colors give this the look of a helmet worth twice as much. Pick it up and it’s amazing how little the VX-34 weighs.

Scorpion VX-34 HelmetScorpion VX-34 HelmetScorpion VX-34 Helmet
The VX-34 is the newest dirt bike helmet from Scorpion and retails for $170. This affordable helmet has expensive styling and is much lighter than many high-dollar helmets. We found the fit to be pretty snug, especially the cheek pads.

The VX-34 comes in solid colors and multiple graphic designs are available also, including Victory, Oil, Scream and Spike (tested). It comes in sizes XS-XXL. I wear a Medium and the Scorpion is one of the smaller helmets that I’ve worn. The fit is very snug, particularly the cheek pads which take significant break-in. I regularly bit my cheeks the first few times wearing this lid. Scorpion includes the AirFit technology which makes use of an air pump to help tailor the fit. The pump and release valve are located on the backside of the mouth vent and are accessed by thumb. Increasing the air pressure affects the cheek area mostly, which rendered it useless since the cheeks were already borderline tight. I turned the helmet over to my girlfriend, who has a narrower face than me, and even she noticed the cheek pad pressure. Aside from that, however, the helmet is very comfortable

“I liked how compact and light it feels on my head,” she says, “but the eye port was a little too tight for all of my goggles and the cheek pads were too snug.”

Scorpion VX-34 Helmet
The small eyeport can be a challenge. A roost guard makes it even more of a tight fit, but the right goggles will be fine.

Outer construction uses a polycarbonate shell which is lined with EPS foam with integrated venting channels. It is DOT and ECER22.05 certified. The shell is compact with a small eyeport. Even our set of Scott Voltage goggles, which are some of our smallest, barely fit inside. Larger frames or any goggles with extra pieces such as roost deflectors or special vents will not fit. A KwickWick2 removable and washable liner provides sweat-absorbing comfort. Cheek pads are removable also. The chin bar is capped off with a mouth vent that incorporates a sponge filter. The vent pops out without the need for tools and can be cleaned. The chin bar is relatively short and close to the rider’s face. A rubber roost guard is especially tight and makes it more difficult to get goggles securely seated against the rider’s face.

The small physical dimensions are a strength and weakness for the VX-34. It helps keep the helmet very lightweight, and we experienced significantly less neck fatigue than with a Bell Moto-9 and Fox V3. It also makes the interior fit slightly snug, which can negate the benefits of the AirFit technology. Scorpion has expanded its line of affordable helmets with another viable option. The styling is fantastic, venting adequate and it’s incredibly light. At $170, this is our favorite Scorpion off-road helmet yet, just be sure to try it on for proper fit as it may require one size larger than normal for some riders.

The Scorpion VX-34 Spike Helmet is available from Motorcycle Superstore.
MSRP: $169.95


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