Sinister Offers First 26-inch Wire Wheel

October 28, 2011
Courtesy of Sinister Wheel
Sinister Big Phat Daddy Wheel
Sinister Wheel introduces the Big Phat Daddy, a 26-inch soft lip wire wheel.

The Big Phat Daddy is finally here.

Sinister Wheel has set the bar once again in high end motorcycle wheels, and has reaffirmed dominance in not only quality, but size. Never before has a motorcycle wire wheel been available in 26 inches, a new standard set by Sinister that not only serves as a brand new line of customization and attitude – but also as a call to others to step up to the Big Phat Daddy standard. So far not one has answered.

This comes as no surprise, as the Big Phat Daddy Wheel is no trifling matter. Twenty-six inches of handcrafted Stainless Steel 304, all manufactured here in the USA, are customized to fit a myriad of rides. The soft lip, spokes, hub, and all components of the wheel are virtually available in all color combinations – offering the only wheel choice of its size, customized to fit your ride exactly. We’d dare you to find another wheel that can match the Big Phat Daddy challenge – but instead you should just see for yourself. Check out to see if the Bad Boy Lifestyle is for you, and if your bike can handle 26 inches of ultimate American-made perfection. 

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