Wikked Steel’s Viper/Ilmor Engine for IMBBA

October 12, 2011
Courtesy of PR Newswire
Viper Motorcycle Company, a wholly owned division of Viper Powersports Inc., announced that its Viper/Ilmor crate engine has been selected by Stephen Galvin of Wikked Steel custom bikes for the IMBBA World Cup Competition. Wikked Steel is one of six custom builders representing the USA in this International Biker Build Off.

Viper Motorcycles monster 152 cubic-inch V-Twin
Viper Powersports, producers of this monster 152 cubic-inch V-Twin, will provide its newest Viper/Ilmor engine to Wikked Steel for use in the IMBBA’s International Biker Build Off.

Colbert Seagraves, Viper Motorcycle Company VP of Marketing and Racing Operations, stated, “We are pleased to announce the availability for sale of the world class Viper/Ilmor engine to be used in custom bike applications. Our first customer, Stephen Galvin of Wikked Steel, is an accomplished bike builder. We are proud that he chose the Viper/Ilmor 152 C.I. engine to use in his build to represent the United States in this international competition. Stephen has won many build offs and shows including 1st Place, People’s Choice Ultimate Bike Builder’s Daytona 2011, 1st Place Radical Rat’s Hole Daytona 2011, Best in Show Daytona Biketoberfest 2009, and has either placed 1st or been Best in Show 47 times since he started his career. With his background and experience, he is just the type of custom bike builder we wanted to partner with using our state of the art Viper/Ilmor engine.”

Stephen Galvin of Wikked Steel had this to say about the Viper/Ilmor engine: “As far as the build goes, I had a pretty good idea what I was going to build and had done a few sketches of various aspects of the build and when I attended the PRI show in Orlando, I fell in love. There on a stand, with flattering lighting was what I knew had to be the engine for this bike. To me it looked like a jewel, fresh cut with sharp lines and gleaming facets bearing a name that I was unfamiliar with, Ilmor. I spoke with one of the gentlemen manning the booth and inquired about the engine. They gave me all the specs but informed me that they could not sell me an engine and that I would

Wikked Steel
Wikked Steel is one of six custom bike shops chosen to represent the US in the IMBBA’s International Biker Build Off.

need to speak to the folks at Viper. I made my first calls that following Monday and made plans to visit the Viper folks at Daytona Bike. We met, they looked over two bikes that I had built and was displaying and agreed that it would be mutually beneficial to do business together, and so fell into place the billet jewel of my latest creation.”

Ilmor Engineering has partnered with Viper Motorcycle Company to apply its decades of race-winning precision engineering and artful design to the classic V-Twin motorcycle engine. The result is an engine with more grunt than any other V-twin on the market: The Viper/Ilmor 152 cubic inch, all billet, short stroke V-Twin, produces a heart-pounding 159 ft-lbs of torque. Along with the dramatic performance, the engine is designed to stay cool under any conditions with the use of a unique 3-stage dry-sump oiling system providing much needed cooling to the cylinder heads, well beyond conventional air-cooling. To further improve reliability, a specially designed crankshaft uses an oversize crank pin and has a unique balance formula to reduce vibration levels. The all-billet aluminum engine is standard on the Viper Diamondback, and available for custom bike applications, starting at $17,900 (excl. carburetor). For more information, contact Viper Motorcycle Company at (334) 887-4445 or visit www.vipermotorcycle.com.  

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