$250K Brough Superior For Sale on Builtwell

November 14, 2011
Courtesy of dravcarn.com
Builtwell Shop, a new clothing store for men, is offering a $250,000 Brough Superior motorcycle for sale via its website.
The recently launched Builtwell site has an interesting section it calls the Specialty Shop, which is a subject-specific collection of curated –or carefully selected– items in very limited quantities. The subject of the Specialty Shop will
Brough Superior SS100 Pendine
Brough Superior is again creating – in highly limited numbers – motorcycles with the lustful aesthetics of their 1930s brethren but with modern improvements and uprated specifications. The Builtwell Shop is offering up its Brough Superior SS100 Pendine Retro Racer for a cool $250,000.

change every two months but this first iteration is focused on motorcycling.

It is here that, in addition to items such as handmade American tanker boots (from the original design by General George Patton) created specifically for Builtwell and a carbon fiber and lambskin helmet from French firm Les Ateliers Ruby, the Brough Superior takes center stage.

The Brough Superior SS100 Pendine, called the “Retro” to distinguish it from its 1930s record-setting ancestor, is a new motorcycle hand built in Europe to modern specifications but in vintage form.

Builtwell has been reserved the exclusive opportunity to sell this machine by the official Brough Superior Motor Cycle Ltd. company, which means that the new owner will not be placed on the long waiting list (currently until 2013) and, after personal consultation, since all Brough Superiors are custom built, will receive his bespoke motorcycle in about six months (as opposed to a year).

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