Bomb Products Detailing Product Peek

November 30, 2011
Courtesy of Bomb Products
Its the Bomb

Bomb Products produces premium, high quality quick detailing products for motorsports enthusiasts who appreciate premium product and exceptional service. Founded by motorsports enthusiasts that were looking for high quality detailing products along with the customer service we expected to fit every aspect of our lifestyle needs.

Eco Speedwax
ECO-SPEED WAX (ESW) is a true Carnauba Based Professional Quick Detail Spray & Waterless Carwash. Our unique Wax Emulsion system enables ESW to remove dust and light contaminates enhancing and prolonging your current wax also protecting your paint with UV additives. ESW can be used on all painted surfaces, gel coats glass, plastic, metal, and any other nonporous material without streaking or staining trim or rubber, plastic or glass. Will not strip or remove wax or sealants. Available for $14.99 online with free shipping.

Matte Detailer

ECO-SPEED INTERIOR (ESI) safely cleans and maintains all Matte finish surfaces (Paint, Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber Surfaces ). ESI contains no waxes or silicones that could affect your matte finish over prolonged use. ESI is formulated to clean and condition while retaining the original satin matte finish. Uniquely formulated with UV light blocking agents, ESI aids in protecting all of your matte finishes against aging. Available for $14.99 online with free shipping.

2 in 1 Speed Towel

Bomb Products micro-cotton offers heavy duty super premium absorbency and feel of cotton combined with the softness and 100% scratch free perfect results of micro-fiber. By embedding cotton into the towel, combined with the premium 70/30 micro-fiber weave you get a scratch free mega absorbent towel. At 480 GSM our speed towel is thicker, plusher and unlike anything you have used before. Available for $9.95 online with free shipping.

For more information or to place your order visit or e-mail or call 800-818-5488.