Gresini to Mount Honda/FTR CRT GP Effort

November 15, 2011
Courtesy of Gresini Racing Press Office
Gresini Honda bike

San Carlo Honda has released the news that it will enter a second bike in the 2012 MotoGP Championship. Rather than mount an additional prototype effort, the second bike will apply as a Claiming Rules Team and partner with British bike manufacturer FTR Moto. Under FIM rules a claiming rules team is any team attempting to compete without backing by a formal member of the Manufacturer’s Association. Currently, the second rider has yet to be named. 

Team San Carlo Honda Gresini will join forces with British bikes manufacturers FTR Moto as they embark on a new adventure as a CRT (Claiming Rules Team) in the MotoGP World Championship in 2012. The new FTR MGP12 machine will assemble an Honda CBR1000R engine and will begin testing soon with a rider soon to be announced as the team embarks on the necessary technical development ahead of the new campaign.

Fausto Gresini: “It is a source of great satisfaction that we have reached an agreement with FTR Moto to take part in the new MotoGP series, CRT. The battle between the Claiming Rule Teams will be an exciting one and we are entering it with great enthusiasm. Our willingness to take part was always based on the condition that we had the right technical partner and with FTR Moto and a Honda CBR1000R engine we believe we can build a competitive bike for this new category. It is a new adventure that appeals to our racing spirit and it could prove to be the future of MotoGP. We will work our hardest and I am sure we will have great results together.”

Steve Bones (CEO – FTR moto): “We are absolutely delighted to start up a partnership with Team San Carlo Honda Gresini and to join them on a new adventure in MotoGP. Team Gresini have shown over the years that they are technically competent, as their numerous successes prove, and we are sure that will continue alongside FTR on this new adventure. The growing interest in the new MotoGP-CRT category is exciting for all of us and we can’t wait to get on track as soon as possible to start developing the bike and breaking new technical boundaries.”

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