Lockstraps Third Generation Locking Tie Downs

November 15, 2011
Courtesy of Lockstraps
Lockstrap Honda Fury
Lockstraps are easy to use and provide piece of mind, security and quality that can’t be matched.
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The launch of the third generation Lockstraps has been a huge success. There has been an overwhelming response to the need of locking tie downs. Since last year, when the second generation Lockstraps launched, many new accounts have been acquired in the motorcycle, landscape, hardware, boating, bicycle, automotive, tractor, and aviation markets. The third generation Lockstraps caribiners incorporate thicker steel and have been heat treated for even more superior strength. They also increased the strength of the sliding clasp and push button spring.

Lockstraps are well constructed. Because of the carabineers, Lockstraps will never pop off like typical tie down straps with “S” hooks. They are built with an eight-braided stainless steel cable embedded between double nylon straps. Tough rivets keep dual combination carabineer locks in place at both ends of the Lockstraps. The owner may change the combination with each use if so desired and may set different combinations on either carabineer. (That way friends, kids, employees, or thieves cannot take them out of the truck or trailer) Lockstraps also incorporated a soft tie-extension so no scratching occurs. A lot of thought and effort was put into creating the best tie-down strap on the market. The Lockstraps locking tie downs provide piece of mind, security, and unmatchable quality.

The new, third generation Lockstraps are 8.5 feet long, 1.5 inches wide, 1/4 inch thick, and weigh 2.3 pounds each. They come backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 120 day parts and labor warranty. Now you can secure motorcycles, ATV’s, tools, equipment, bicycles, etc. in less than a minute. Each strap is sold individually with a retail price of $39.95 – $44.95. Contact Lockstraps at 951-506-3682 or e-mail lockstraps@gmail.com. Lockstraps can be found throughout an extensive dealer/distributor network throughout the states, worldwide, and on line at www.lockstraps.com

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