MotoUSA Photo of the Week – Nov, 4, 2011

November 4, 2011
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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Raised on two wheels in the deserts of Nevada, the newest addition to the MotoUSA crew has been part of the industry for well over 15 years.Equal parts writer, photographer, and rider, "JDawg" is a jack of all trades and even a master of some.

Skyhawk04kilos photo of the sidecase of an old Yamaha XS650 Special allows your mind to wander when imagining the scene around the vintage steed.
The lighting and patina of the Yamaha XS650 Special side case in Skyhawk04kilo’s photo cuaght my eye with its retro vibe.

After riding the 2011 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer a few weeks back, I’ve been on a bit of a vintage vibe. While searching the submissions for the MotoUSA Photo of the Week I came across Skyhawk04kilo’s photo of a Yamaha XS650 side cases. The patina on the aluminum along with the natural light floating in from what a suspect is an open garage door works perfectly in concert with my recent retro musings. Just from a close up of the right side of the bike, I can imagine its surroundings. In my mind’s eye the garage is slightly cluttered with old parts and smells slightly of old gas, cobwebs and dust. And that’s the beauty of this photo. Each person that lays their eyes on this image will get a different story, but it sets the scene and opens the door to let your mind wander. For giving me a reason to daydream a bit, skyhawk04kilo now has his second POTW, and is in the multiple winner crew that includes slr, wisart, smg and Colorado Randy. Who will take home the grand prize of $500 worth of EVS goodies for Photo of the Year.

We’ll know soon enough as 2012 is approaching quickly.

This week’s moto-photo tip is a bit of a touchy subject with photographers, but it will help you learn how to take better photos that will in turn allow you to find your own style or photographic voice. One word: Copy. Find an image that you really love and try to replicvate it. Disassemble the elements, the composition and the light. Working backwards to reverse engineer a shot is an exercise that I used when I first picked up a camera. If I didn’t know how to reproduce an element, I searched the internet high and low till i found the answer. Then I went out and did it myself. Once I had my bag of techniques I could work on my own style. I implore you to do the same, find a photo you love and recreate it. Don’t feel guilty being a copy-cat; your personally will still find it’s way through. So get out there and shoot. The end of the MotoUSA Photo of the Week is is just a handful of weeks away. Until next week, happy riding and shooting!!

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