Best Motocross Motorcycle 2011: Honda CRF450R

December 30, 2011
By Motorcycle USA Staff

Honda got the handling sorted out for 2011 and the CRF450R carved its way to the top of our annual 450 motocross shootout. The CRF is by far the lightest and smallest-feeling 450 which makes it very easy to ride aggressively. Combined with a seamless power delivery from the Unicam engine, this proved to be the formula for winning motocross races. It’s no wonder Chad Reed chose to ride Red when he started his new TwoTwo Motorsports team for 2011.

Throughout the year our riders praised the Honda’s power delivery despite the fact that it doesn’t make the most sheer horsepower or torque. A new delta linkage and shorter pull rod along with revised suspension impressed allow the chassis to make the best use of the available power, which is nothing to sneer at by any means, especially on the top end. Also, in order to keep with the trend of lowering noise output, the CRF whispers less than 94 decibels on a stationary 20-inch test. Making excellent, usable power and doing it quietly is just one of the reasons our riders loved the 2011 Honda. 

Honda also has its standard steering stabilizer, which gives riders another way to fine-tune the handling and comfort levels. Excellent build quality and a reputation for long-lasting durability, the CRF easily won our comparison test and was a clear choice for top of the 2011 Motocross division.


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