Honda Recalls 2001-2010/2012 Gold Wings

December 5, 2011
Matt Davidson
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The updated rear bags on the 2012 Gold Wing hold seven liters more cargo than the previous version.
Gold Wings manufactured between 2001-2010 and also 2012 models need to have the secondary master cylinder inspected. 

In a recent announcement made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, American Honda has cited a potential defect with the secondary master cylinder of its Gold Wing GL1800 motorcycles. The compensating port hole on models manufactured between 2001-2010, and also its 2012 design, may become blocked – resulting in the rear wheel brake caliper dragging after the rider releases the brake.
If the brake caliper continues to drag for extended periods it can result in dangerous temperature and pressure build-up. This may result in the rear break catching fire and also increases the possibility of a crash.
To correct the issue Honda is asking affected Gold Wing owners of these models to have their local Honda dealer inspect the secondary master cylinder. If the inspection indicates the compensator port hole is or is becoming blocked, the dealer will replace the secondary master cylinder free of charge.
Honda will be contacting registered owners through mail to inform them of the issue. Concerned parties can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4326. They can also check online at

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