KTM Prepping for 2012 Dakar Rally

December 2, 2011
Courtesy of MRW KTM Team Dakar
Marc Coma testing in Morocco
Joan Pedrero testing in Morocco

A month before the start of a new edition of the Dakar Rally, the current Champion and his team mate, Marc Coma and Joan Pedrero, completed in Morocco some long test days. They were four days in which the MRW KTM Team riders gathered valuable kilometers to improve their preparation for the most important round of the calendar, where they will try to repeat the triumph obtained last year.

Taking advantage of the several possibilities offered by the Moroccan terrain, which combines the technical tracks of the High Atlas with the dunes of the far north of the Sahara desert, Coma and Pedrero were able to train in an environment very similar to the one they will find when the Dakar starts. They did different stages, following old tracks used some years ago for the mythical African race and were able to practice both navigation —a key element at the Dakar—, as well as the required technique to tackle the Moroccan dunes and tracks.
Those testing days were useful, not only to train on their KTM 450 Rally during daylight hours, but also to work in the mechanical aspects of the bikes when it was dark. In a race such as the Dakar, where any failure can ruin the work done along thousands of kilometres, the riders must know the tiniest detail and screw of their bikes. That is why the work of the MRW KTM Team also included practice of the way to repair key elements, thus completing a comprehensive preparation for this unforgiving race.
The countdown to the 2012 Dakar has already started and the MRW KTM Team is once again the favorite to fight for the bronze statuette of the touareg.
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