Marc Coma Ready to Defend Dakar Title

December 16, 2011
Courtesy of Prensa MRW Dakar
Marc Coma  left  and Joan Pedrero unveling their 2012 MRW KTM machine.
Marc Coma (left) and Joan Pedrero unveling their 2012 MRW KTM machine.

The three times winner of the Dakar, Marc Coma (@Marc Coma), put himself forward this morning at the MRW Headquarters in Barcelona to try and achieve victory again at the toughest rally in the world. Spearheading the MRW Red Bull AMV Team, the rider from Avià, together with Joan Pedrero, his team mate for the second consecutive year, commented his preparations of the 2012 Dakar in a working breakfast with the media.
The Start in the Atlantic coast and the Finish in the Pacific coast will be one of the novelties of the 2012 Dakar that Marc Coma analyzed this morning in Barcelona. The current winner of the rally will start next January 1st from Argentina towards Peru following a route of nearly 9000 kilometres —half of them timed— that will cross South America. In its fourth edition in that continent, this year’s race will have 14 stages and just one rest day in Chile. The MRW rider will have the help of the best possible squire, Joan Pedrero —fifth in the 2011 overall classification—, who will keep the role of assistant of the most successful Spanish rider in this rally.
Marc Coma and Joan Pedrero will wear MRW’s livery for the second year. During this whole year Marc has been “the best messenger” of the courier company and now it is time for him to do it again in the most important race of the calendar. Marc Coma and the Dakar embody many of the MRW brand values: strategy, reliability, demanding, team work, commitment to innovation, proximity, responsibility… After the official launch of the MRW Red Bull AMV Team, Marc Coma will travel to South America for his tenth participation in the race and, together with Joan Pedrero, determinedto get his fourth bronze touareg.
Marc Coma
“We just have a few days left to finish preparing the luggage and all the material, and we also need to dedicate some time to review the rules and the route of the stages. About physical preparations, we will stay a bit active, as the training on the bike is mostly finished. We only need to

Marc Coma and Joan Pedrero - 2012 Dakar
Marc Coma: “This will be the most stressing part of the race, when you are already looking forward to start but you need to focus on many other things.”

keep the level we achieved to be in optimal conditions at the start. Once in Argentina we will have a lot more work, as we have to check that everything arrived well —the bike was sent at the end of October—, check all the material and distribute it in the trucks, as well as passing the technical verifications.
This will be the most stressing part of the race, when you are already looking forward to start but you need to focus on many other things. They are the most difficult days because you are just willing to start.”

Joan Pedrero
“There are very few days left and everything is on its way. We completed both the physical and on bike training and now we only need to keep the level we achieved and review the rules. These days you try to have some time with your family and friends, as during the Dakar it is hard to be so many days away from them. A very important part of the race will be the final days, when we reach Peru. We will find a lot of desert, similar to the one in Africa, and it will cause the race to be very tough until the end. We worked a lot and we are ready. The objective is that Marc [Coma] wins the Dakar and we will try to be as close as possible.”

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