Nicky Hayden Busts Shoulder Riding Flat Track

December 29, 2011
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Nicky Hayden: I think I was the only guy who used the same rear tyre the whole session  and I was able to click off three 51s there at the end. I was looking forward to riding this afternoon  but unfortunately it was cancelled. I hope they get it sorted out overnight  as it wasnt good for anybody  but theres no need to dwell on it. - Aragon GP 2011
MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden reportedly broke his scapula and busted up his ribs while training at a flat track near his home.

MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden reportedly broke his left scapula and fractured two ribs while riding flat track Tuesday. Hayden, who started his motorcycle career racing flat track, was training at an indoor flat track facility near his home in Owensboro, Kentucky, when the accident occurred. According to reports, Hayden came up on another rider who went to move out of the way but accidentally clipped Hayden’s front wheel. Even though he wasn’t going fast, Hayden landed hard on his left shoulder, breaking his scapula and injuring his ribs.

Hayden was just getting back into the training regiment since he broke his scaphoid at the Valencia Grand Prix back on November 6. Hayden underwent an X-ray and CAT scan for his latest injury but at the moment there are no plans for surgery. Whether he will be fit enough to participate in the first MotoGP winter test of 2012 for the factory Ducati team at the end of January in Sepang is unknown.

Hayden dismisses the incident as a “freak accident” and stated in reports it’s just a part of motorcycle racing.

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