Star Motorcycle School Reveals 2012 Schedule

December 29, 2011
Courtesy of Star Motorcycle School
STAR Motorcycle School

Jason Pridmore’s STAR Motorcycle School is proud to announce its schedule for the 2012 season. “We have a great schedule of schools at tracks all over the U.S. in 2012,” said Jason. “We’re going to some old favorites like VIR along with some new ones like NOLA in Louisiana. We’re expanding our program with the National Guard days, and we’re excited to also be working with the Marines for 2012.”

“Our 1 On 1 program at Chuckwalla went really well last year, so for 2012 we’re expanding it to three students working with me and two other instructors,” Jason said. “The 1 On 1 schools really help the students work on their skills and communicate in a more personal setting. We are planning to have our 1 On 1 program on the first weekend of every month at Chuckwalla, so call for availability.”

Dates                           Track                                          Location                                   Type
March 19                     Thunderhill Raceway Park          Willows, CA                              STAR
March 20                     Thunderhill Raceway Park          Willows, CA                              National Guard
March 31-April 1          Chuckwalla Valley Raceway      Desert Center, CA                     STAR
May 14-15                   High Plains Raceway                  Byers, CO                                 STAR
May 21                        Texas World Speedway              College Station, TX                   STAR
May 22                        Texas World Speedway              College Station, TX                   National Guard
June 4                          NOLA Motorsports Park             New Orleans, LA                      STAR
June 5                          NOLA Motorsports Park             New Orleans, LA                      National Guard
June 6                          NOLA Motorsports Park             New Orleans, LA                      Marines
June 14-15                   Carolina Motorsports Park          Kershaw, SC                           Marines
June 25                        Blackhawk Farms                      South Beloit, IL                         STAR
June 26                        Blackhawk Farms                      South Beloit, IL                         National Guard
August 20                    Virginia Int’l Raceway                  Danville, VA                             STAR
August 21                    Virginia Int’l Raceway                  Danville, VA                             National Guard
August 22                    Virginia Int’l Raceway                  Danville, VA                             Marines
August 27                    Heartland Park Topeka                Topeka, KS                              STAR
August 28                    Heartland Park Topeka                Topeka, KS                              National Guard
September 17-18         Ridge Motorsports Park               Shelton, WA                            STAR
September 19              Ridge Motorsports Park              Shelton, WA                             National Guard
October 13-14             Chuckwalla Valley Raceway        Desert Center, CA                    STAR
October 15                  Chuckwalla Valley Raceway        Desert Center, CA                    National Guard

The STAR School runs a two-group format, one for street riders and newcomers to the track who are most comfortable at a lower pace, the other for more advanced students and those with track experience who want to explore their limits with fewer restrictions. The STAR School curriculum will teach you skills in shifting, braking and steering techniques, body position, reference points, visual skills, concentration, smoothness as well as much more. Jason’s two-up rides are always part of the instruction!

The Skills and Techniques for Advanced Riding Motorcycle School was created to help you become a more proficient, more confident rider. STAR is proud to be sponsored by American Suzuki, Dunlop Tires, Two Brothers Racing, Dainese Leathers, AGV Helmets, Cycle Gear, Motorex, Motion Pro, Ancra and ProtectAll. For more information on the STAR Motorcycle School, visit or call 562-802-7061. Visit us on Facebook at 

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