Tokyo Motor Show: Yamaha RYOKU

December 1, 2011
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Our favorite Tokyo Motor Show concept is the rugged looking little RYOKU.
Yamaha RYOKU.
The Yamaha Ryoku debuted at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.
Our favorite Tokyo Motor Show concept might be the rugged little RYOKU, pitched by the Tuning Fork brand as a small-displacement dirt adventurer.

As usual, the Tokyo Motor Show showcases a number of interesting concept models. Our favorite this year, however, might be the rugged looking little RYOKU.

The RYOKU appears a hybrid of existing dual sports in the Yamaha lineup. It’s powered by a 249cc SOHC Single, just like the XT250 (the RYOKU model designation is XTW250). And then there are those scrumptiously fat tires, ripped straight off the Yamaha TW200.

As for styling, the squat bike looks like a cross between a Tonka truck and Tote Gote. And like those old Tote Gotes, the RYOKU will likely stick its nose into places it shouldn’t off-road, crawling over obstacles with its fat treads.

Yamaha pitches its new “experimental vehicle” as a little adventure mount, “your tough partner for outdoor quests.” It’s got the heavy duty rear carrier to strap down the outdoor kit for those off-road adventures, and there’s a front carrier to strap down more gear. A serious looking fender, crash guards and hand guards bolster its dirty aspirations.

But wait and there’s more… On the left side of the bike is a pair of 100V sockets, a handy feature for overnight excursions in the woods. Other cool traits include removable fog lamps, side stands on both sides of the bike and fold-able windscreen.

Oh, and did we mention the engine guard turns into a spade!

Yamaha, please build this and let us ride it.

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