2012 Zero Bikes to Debut New York IMS

January 5, 2012
Courtesy of Zero Motorcycles
2012 Zero Motorcycle Lineup
The 2012 models from Zero Motorcycles will be on hand at the New York IMS to highlight the all-new products. 

Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced the North American debut of its 2012 model line will take place at the New York International Motorcycle Show on January 20-22, 2012. Hitting dealer showrooms in February, Zero Motorcycles’ new lineup includes the world’s first production electric motorcycles capable of exceeding 100 miles on a single charge. The New York show represents the first time U.S. customers will be able to actually see the revolutionary new motorcycles that they could own in as little as a month. During the show, Zero will be facilitating customer pre-orders with their local dealer as well as helping them sign up for demo rides.
Marking the significance of the North American debut, Zero will be holding a press conference where they will officially introduce the new models and answer questions. Following the New York event, Zero will be showcasing the new models to the public at select International Motorcycle Shows across the country including: Cleveland, Minneapolis, Chicago and Charlotte.
“The Progressive International Motorcycle Shows tour provides Zero a great showcase to display our ground breaking new 2012 model motorcycles. We selected New York because it’s one of the largest IMS Shows in 2012 and it gives us an official press conference platform to highlight our all-new products,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Global Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “We look forward to visiting with enthusiasts at each of the other cities on our stops and sharing with them the amazing new two-wheeled technology Zero has developed.”
The all-new Zero S, a street fighter, and the Zero DS, a dual sport, are both available in a 6 or 9 kWh configuration. As measured by the EPA UDDS, the Zero S is capable of respectively achieving 76 or 114 miles per charge. Both motorcycles offer a higher top speed over the 2011 models, with the Zero DS hitting 80 mph and the Zero S reaching 88 mph. Both motorcycles offer a broad torque band and stealthy acceleration from 0 rpm that makes them incredibly fun to ride. In addition, all the street models, including the Zero XU, feature new brushless motors and regenerative braking that allow riders to recoup energy during deceleration. The Zero XU, a motorcycle designed for inner city riding, now uses the same maintenance-free belt drive system as the Zero S and Zero DS. Brushless air-cooled motors, life of motorcycle power packs and belt drive systems make Zero’s lineup of street model motorcycles just about the world’s easiest to own form of transportation.

Event Details
Date: January 20-22, 2012
Location: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center