Arenacross Series Interview: Nathan Skaggs

January 19, 2012
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AMA Arenacross Series

The 2012 AMA Arenacross Series has reached the halfway point, and this weekend the second half of the championship is set to kick off from Dayton, Ohio, and the Nutter Center on Saturday night. The state of Ohio boasts a large contingent of riders as well as teams, including Foremost Insurance/Spinechillers/Storm Lake Honda and its rider Nathan Skaggs, from Chillicothe.

Skaggs is coming off a podium effort last weekend in Topeka and currently sits fifth in the Arenacross Class standings. With the chance to ride in front of family and friends, he’ll be looking to step it up on Saturday night.

Arenacross: How does it feel to be able to race in front of your hometown crowd and sleep in your own bed this weekend?

Nathan Skaggs: It is my favorite race of the year because it’s right down the road (from home). My friends and family do get to come out too, which is cool. I’ll stay at my house every night this week so it makes everything more comfortable. I’m looking forward to this weekend and I feel like I’m ready.

AX: How do you approach a one-night show? Is there anything different in terms of your mindset or training?

NS: Well, you just need to be ready. You don’t have that second night to regroup. If something goes wrong this weekend, you don’t get a chance to make up for it on a second night.

AX: The season is half over now and you’re sitting fifth in the championship. What are your thoughts on where you stand right now and how do you approach the second half of the year?

NS: I’m trying not to look at the points that way. I’m just trying to set my goals as being on the podium every weekend. My ultimate goal is to grab top fives because that’s consistent and I know it’ll help move me up in the points (if I do it). Instead of stressing about it, I just try to take it one weekend at a time. If I do the best I can, I know I’ll stay consistent enough and it’ll work.

AX: Last weekend you landed on the podium, and you’ve had a solid start to the season up to this point. How are you looking to capitalize on the momentum from getting on the box?

NS: Mentally it helps a lot to come into a new (round) coming off a weekend in which you did really well. It’s a confidence booster for sure and really helps me feel less stressed coming into this weekend’s race.

AX: Has it been tougher this season to mix it up at the front of the field because of how deep the competition is this season?

NS: Yeah. I’ve (meshed) well with most of the track this season, but the thing is, everybody is turning about the same lap times and everyone else. It’s within a half second, which isn’t a lot, but it seems like a lot if you don’t get a good start, because coming from 10th to first, or even 10th to third is hard because the top five guys are going so fast.

AX: What are your goals for this weekend at your hometown race and what do you think it’ll take to replicate your efforts from a week ago?

NS: I’m just going to give it my all – 110% effort. If I do that, I feel pretty confident that everything will work out.

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