Axo 5to9 Shoe Review

Adam Waheed | January 26, 2012

The Axo 5to9 shoes use a simple and effective Boa metal lace system.

Hightop-style sneakers are a hot commodity in the fashion world. Italian motorcycle safety and apparel brand, AXO aims to capitalize on the trend with its 5to9 riding shoe. This European shoe is designed for hipster motorcyclists seeking casual footwear that looks great on or off the bike.

The most noteworthy feature of these sneakers is the closure system, which does away with buckles or fabric laces for a simple and effective Boa system. The technology is comprised of a ratcheting plastic knob, that when turned clockwise increases the tension on the metal laces. Pulling the knob releases tension and allows for removal. It’s very similar to what’s used on contemporary snowboard boots allowing for quick, accurate fitment.

Axo’s shoe doesn’t offer enough protection to qualify as a true riding shoe but they sure do look cool.

With its soft rubber sole the shoe feels more casual than a purpose-built riding boot, but there is some degree of protection in the form of a plastic ankle cup. The base of the shoe is constructed out of a combination of leather and suede-type materials with light perforation that ventilates well enough not to create excess sweat even on warmer days. The toe box is also fabricated from reinforced rubber which offers a high degree of feel and holds up well against repeated shift lever use. Though, it would be nice if there was some impact protection.

Slip your feet inside and you’ll notice the plush, well-padded insides. The shoes fit true-to-size, break-in immediately, and are also exceptionally comfortable to walk and ride in. Only problem is that the soles are so soft that they wear quickly when worn daily. But perhaps that’s the price you pay when you find a pair of kicks you love.

The AXO 5to9 shoes are available in two colors (red/black and blue/yellow) from AXO in sizes 7-13
MSRP: $150

Axo’s 5to9 shoe has a soft sole and outer construction that delivers a lot of comfort and feel.
Hondas CB1000R is a little too utilitarian for our tastes so we fitted an easy-to-install Two Brothers slip-on style muffler available at
The sole of the shoes is soft and comfortable but lacks any form of protection and wears quickly against footpegs.


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