Husqvarna Baja Concept First Look

January 20, 2012
Matt Davidson
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Husqvarna Baja Concept First Look
Husqvarna’s Baja Concept features a liquid-cooled 650cc four-stroke engine bolted to a five-speed gearbox.
Husqvarna Baja Concept First Look

Continuing to build off the iconic machines of the past, Husqvarna once again turned to the pages of motorcycling’s golden era to construct its Baja Concept. Strikingly similar to the MOAB Concept which debuted at the 2011 EICMA show in Milan, the Baja design features dual-purpose capability while mimicking the retro style of classic Baja racing machines.

Husky is calling this a trek-touring design that is best suited for casual riders who are looking for adventure both on and off paved roads. The model features a liquid-cooled 650cc four-stroke engine bolted to a five-speed gearbox. Despite its ties to the past, the Baja Concept includes modern fuel injection and Brembo disc brakes, as well as an LED crossbar instrument display. While the design is remarkably similar to the Moab Concept, there are several notable differences such as a skid plate, knobby tires, a smaller exhaust profile and off-road fenders.

The chassis consists of the same perimeter frame with progressive linkage that comes on the MOAB, and the seat height is kept to a minimum for beginner and intermediate riders.

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