Icon Justice Leather Glove Review

January 3, 2012
Ken Hutchison
Ken Hutchison
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The ulcers keep piling on for the warden of the MotoUSA asylum. With the inmates running rampant around the globe, Hutch has opted to get in on the madness more these days than in years past and is back in the saddle again.

Icon Justice Leather Glove
Comfortable and sharp-looking, Icon’s Justice gloves are touch screen capable for today’s modern accessories.

Icon presents the new Justice Touchscreen Leather Glove, a new riding glove that allows riders to use touch screen mobile devices while wearing them. This is the evolution of modern motorcycle gear.

Good gloves have always been an important piece of kit for any motorcycle rider, but the modern rider is plugged in with mobile electronics at all times. Icon is notable as one of the first gear manufacturers to take into account with its touch screen compatible gloves.

Pulling out smart phones to doublecheck route plans on Google Maps, or simply sending a quick text update to your honey are loads easier with the Justice Touchscreen Leather Glove ($100). Credit the Touchtec leather palm that allows the rider to use their favorite devices without removing the gloves.

In addition to the touch screen capability the Justice Touchscreen Leather Glove is also comfortable and looks great. Microvent material on the backside of the glove offer a measure of ventilation while the molded knuckle armor look sharp and provide some protection from impacts and flying debris. The fingers have expansion panels that make them bend easy and a Velcro-style cuff keeps the glove secured to the wrist.

Icon Justice Leather Glove

Obviously the rider’s dexterity will go a long way towards determining how accurate and quickly you can navigate the more detailed functions of a phone with these gloves on. While the Justice easily allows a swipe of the finger and more basic usage, the process of texting a message or typing in a route address is a bit slower than if you took the glove off. That being said, the Justice have become my favorite street glove because it is so convenient to simply check the phone, type up some notes on the bike without removing the glove and checking voicemail among other things. It simplifies the process and that’s a good thing.

The ICON Justice Touchscreen Leather Glove is available at Motorcycle-Superstore.
MSRP: $100

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