Parts Unlimited Distributes Biker Boot Straps

January 26, 2012
Courtesy of Biker Boot Straps
Biker Boot Straps help keep the pants leg over the boot and from riding up.
Biker Boot Straps help keep the pants leg over the boot and from riding up.

LeMans Corporation and Biker Boot Straps have joined forces on the new and exciting line of boot strap accessories. The product holds your pant legs down and in place while you ride your motorcycle. Even though the boot strap market has been up and coming over the last 3 years, it took the right design to join up with Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties.
Traditionally, boot stirrup products have consisted of two suspender clips with an elastic strap attached between them. While the product worked ok the problem was that the elastic stretched out when it got wet and the clips were weak. It needed to be a quality product that customers could count on for years of reliable use.
Biker Boot Straps is a premium boot strap company located in the heart of the Midwest in Romeoville, Illinois. Our company has just created an all new line of weatherproof boot straps that consists of a rubber strap and nylon clips. The specially designed rubber straps maintain their elasticity in any weather due to the UV resistant and water shedding characteristics unique to the selected rubber base material used to produce the straps. Our clips are designed with sure-lock technology to ensure that they will stay connected to your jeans like no other product before us. The best part of the new design is that the clips are interchangeable which means you can change the decorative emblems without having to purchase the whole set.

Biker Boot Straps keep the pants leg over the boot and in place.
Biker Boot Straps will be distributed by both Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties.

Our current line of boot straps consists of several emblem types and styles, and a base model for the conservative rider. The ladies are well represented with the product line as it includes the Blinged Heart, Studded Peace sign, and other stylish designs. Biker Boot Straps leads the way in making boot straps with interchangeable design heads, and has focused attention on the women rider as well. The rest of the current designs include the Maltese Cross, Flaming Skull, Motor Head, Silver Eagle, and Midnight Cycle…and more are on the drawing board!
While making the emblems using a high quality 3-D stamping process we created designs that will stand out in a crowd while also being a totally functional product. If you’re tired of riding up pants legs and insects shooting up your trousers, then this is the solution for you!
We are excited to announce our association with LeMans Corporation and look forward to many years of successfully serving our motorcycling customers. As for us we can be found at your local Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties dealer near you.

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